896 Numax Premium Snapper lawnmower batteries

896 Numax Premium Noma lawnmower batteries

896 NUMAX PREMIUM Noma lawnmower batteries


Positive Terminal is on LEFT






L 205mm W 132mm H 185mm



 Lawnmower battery service adviceNaturally, when your 896 NUMAX PREMIUM Noma lawnmower batteries arrive. Hence, they are kept in storage.So they lose charge at about 5% of their capacity per month. Therefore, stored batteries should be kept in a cool place. As a result, the warmer it gets, the more the battery will self-discharge.Thus, this is the main reason why lawn mowers and leisure batteries exist. Hence, they stood over the winter months. So are best kept on a trickle charge. Nowadays, you can buy cheap smart chargers.As a result, that will top up the charge of your battery over the dormant winter period. This will give you a longer life for your battery.This is one of the reasons that our battery sales increase just after the winter period. .The plates used contain lead-calcium and lead-strontium. This helps the battery reduce any liquid loss, and it can be sealed. Our Lucas premium batteries are a proven top-class product.Lastly, we have sold these batteries for the past 10 years with great success.