Varta LFD 140 Professional Deep Cycle battery

930 190 105 Varta LED 190 Professional-Leisure/Duel Purpose Deep Cycle battery

930 190 105 Varta LED 190 Professional

930 190 105 Varta LED 190 Professional

Model:930 190 105
Capacity: 190 Ah
CCA: 1050 A
Width:223 mm
Length:513 mm
Height:223 mm
Short Code :Replaces LFD 180

Professional Dual Purpose Key Benefits

So, Leisure batteries, otherwise known as marine batteries or deep cycle batteries. Consequently, are commonly used for boating, motor-home, solar power storage mobility vehicles. Including powered golf trolleys.Surprisingly, using an auto battery under leisure battery conditions will result in a very short battery life. The fundamental difference in behaviour and performance is due to the construction of the battery.Because of the  plates and the separators between the plates.So, this  efb leisure battery has thicker separators and plates and therefore lose less active materials during the charge-discharge cycle.

Similar in output, size and weight voltage.

Leisure batteries are specifically designed to deliver moderate levels of current over a sustained period. Leisure batteries are also designed to be discharged to around 50% of their capacity. Whereas your auto battery is seldom discharged below 90% capacity; as it is always being trickle charged when your car is running.
  • Of course, this excellent battery is designed for standard motorhomes, caravans and boats with low or moderate energy demands
  • Naturally long-lasting – with up to twice the cyclic stability of conventional flooded batteries (up to 200 cycles @ 50% DOD)
  • Importantly, minimal self-discharge makes them ideal for seasonal use
  • Significantly, ideal for dual power applications (can be used for both starting and overall energy supply)
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