The Volkswagen Tiguan Battery

999-611-080-12 Porsche-Battery-Varta

999-611-080-12 Porsche-Battery-Varta

999-611-080-12 Porsche-Battery-Varta

  • F21-AGM-Stop-Start battery 110
  • 12 Volts 80 Ah  CCA 800 A
  • L 315 mm  W  175 mm  H (inc terminal)  190 mm
  • 4 year warranty


Significantly, over 70 per cent of all new vehicles will be fitted with an engine start/stop function. Of course, in order to achieve the CO2 limitation targets set by the EU. So, by means of sustained fuel consumption savings and emission reductions.In general, two differing starter Banner battery types are employed in these environment-friendly vehicles. Mainly, consisting of the absorbent glass mat (AGM) type. Additionally, and the enhanced flooded battery (EFB) systems. Subsequently, the use of the appropriate technology depends largely on the fuel and CO2 savings that can be attained.

Key Features

  • Up to 2 X longer life* than conventional starter batteries
  • Constant power even for short trips, stop-and-go traffic or high consumption in stationary mode
  • Latest technology for start/stop applications
  • 4-year free replacement warranty
  • Free Roadside Assistance**
stop startAmbitiously, the 999-611-080-12 Porsche-Battery-Varta is now used for many cars. Conclusively, this is due to the advent of the “Start-Stop” engine system. of course, many of our cars now use this system. So, the AGM battery is used because it is of deep cycle technology.The Porsche AGM battery is sealed unit and will not spill out any acid ! Importantly, even if the battery is fitted on its side, the acid will not leak. Because the acid is not free flowing, but is filled with a type of glass matting. Hence the term AGM “absorbed glass matting”.By adding this glass fibre, then the batteries increased surface area. So, giving them more power when compared with a standard 12 volt battery. Of course, that we use on many of our cars today.