Lawnmower 895 Battery

Atco Royale-LP895-lawnmower-battery-Lucas

Atco Royale-LP895-lawnmower-battery-Lucas

Atco Royale-LP895-lawnmower-battery-Lucas
  • LUCAS LP 895
  • Voltage:        12 Volts
  • Capacity:       32 Ah
  • CCA:             310 A
  • Length: 205 mm /Width: 132 mm /Height: 185 mm
  • Weight:  9.5 kg
  • Guarantee:    2 Years
Atco Royale-LP895-lawnmower-battery-LucasAn extremely effective and dependable piece of garden equipment is the ATCO Royale lawn mower. The ATCO Royale is ideal for both household and commercial use and offers a variety of models.This lawn mower has an efficient and dependable engine that makes it simple to operate and maintain. Due to its lightweight construction, it is extremely simple to move around and control, especially in confined locations.The ATCO Royale offers a variety of functions in addition to its simplicity of use to help you achieve the finest outcomes from your grass mowing. These features include a choice of cutting blades to accommodate various lawn kinds, an adjustable cutting height, and a sizable collection bag for grass clippings.The Atco Royale-LP895-lawnmower-battery-Lucas is a fantastic option whether you are a professional gardener or simply looking to manage your own lawn. You can depend on this lawn mower for many years to come thanks to its sturdy construction and dependable operation.Therefore, the ATCO Royale is the only lawn mower you need to consider if you want something that is both efficient and effective. You can choose the ideal lawn mower to meet your needs among its variety of models and features.

Atco Royale

There is  no doubt in my mind that the Atco range of mowers are excellent. From the “Rider 8H” to the “Liner 28H” petrol mowers then quality is guaranteed. Many of these mowers are fitted with AGM sealed batteries. However many have the 895 and 896 Numax batteries including many of the B24E range of mowers.