ecobat 16ah battery charger

Battery Charger 12v 16Ah-Ecobat EBC16UK

Battery Charger 12v 16Ah

I am happy to announce that the new ECOBAT chargers are now available from to our online customers. Most importantly then  Lead-acid, calcium/wet, AGM, Gel and Start-Stop batteries can all be charged using the new style ECOBAT chargers. I also like the idea that all Battery Charger 12v 16Ah

protect against reverse polarity and are waterproof to IP65.

I can now see another important use for customers need to have their own battery chargers. So, as I write this product information we are struggling to get out of the dreaded covid 19 pandemic restrictions. Many thousands of leisure vehicle and boat owners have been struggling to be able to travel out and about due to the pandemic.So, this means that thousands of batteries are stood idle and out of use. I know in my case that charging my lawn mower batteries was the last thing on my mind. Consequently the battery became sulphated and died on me.

This must be happening to  many people who are having to park their vehicle up ready for the great escape.

This where a good quality battery charger comes in. If batteries are left idle then the voltage will drop and the battery will become sulphated.Of course the battery charger 12v 1Ah is the smaller charger for such things as scooters, motor bikes and even smaller engined cars.Power supply voltage  220-240v Frequency    50-60 Hz Rated current (min-max)  4A – 8A – 16A Charging & test stages  9 Battery voltage   12V – 24V Charge capacity   5Ah / 360Ah Maintenance capacity  5Ah / 550Ah IP protection    IP20