Black & Decker 243213-12 Volt 4.5 Ah Battery-Lucas

Black & Decker Grasshog battery

Black & Decker Grasshog battery

Black & Decker Grasshog battery

  • Range: Lucas VRLA AGM Standby Battery Voltage : 12v Capacity : 4.5 ah Weight : 1.8kg Dimensions : 90mm X 70mm X 106mm Battery Type: Standby AGM battery

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Durable and Maintenance-Free: Black & Decker Grasshog Batteries

The durability of Lucas VRLA batteries is unmatched.Built to withstand the rigours of outdoor use, they are sealed and maintenance-free, which means gardeners and landscapers can focus on their craft without worrying about battery upkeep.This longevity is especially crucial for commercial gardeners, for whom downtime can result in lost revenue and productivity.