Bosch L5013-Leisure Battery-Low-Box

Bosch L5013-Leisure Battery-Low-Box

Bosch L5013-Leisure Battery-Low-Box

Bosch L5013-Leisure Battery-Low-Box
  • VW Campers-Motorhomes-Boats-Caravans
  • 90 Ah  800 CCA
  • L 353 mm  W 175 mm H 190 mm

So, while comfort, power, and safety are in demand for camper vans.

including mobile homes and boats. Hence, off-highway vehicles have to run reliably even under the toughest operating conditions. Of course, Bosch batteries are perfectly adapted to these specific requirements.

especially for mobile applications.

Thus, several electrical consumers have to be supplied with energy over a longer period of timeConsequently, the ideal solution is, for instance, caravans, mobile homes, electric boats, and motorboats.Lastly, Leisure Battery Bosch L5013 is available online from Finally for more information about “how batteries work”

Leisure batteries, otherwise known as marine batteries or deep-cycle batteries,

are commonly used for boating, motorhomes, solar power storage mobility vehicles, and powered golf trolleys.

Using an auto battery under leisure battery conditions will result in a very short battery life.

The battery plates and separators have the most impact on performance and behaviour. Leisure batteries lose less active material during charge-discharge due to thicker separators and plates.Leisure batteries are meant to supply moderate current over time and have similar output, size, and weight voltage. Since your Leisure Battery Bosch L5013 is always trickle charged while your car is operating, it is rarely exhausted below 90% capacity.
Leisure batteries are designed to be discharged to 50% of their capacity. Bosch L5013-Leisure Battery-Low-Box
Nowadays, nothing lasts forever. Soon, things will require replacement. Importantly, Bosch L5013-Leisure Battery-Low-Box batteries will degrade.It is interesting when the Bosch leisure battery 90AH low box is fresh.
Thus, your fresh batteries will handle weekend getaways without issue.
Campervan batteries malfunction after two years. As expected, they’ll wear out. All your batteries must work hard. Naturally, deep-cycle batteries require several charges. Your low-box batteries will suddenly malfunction. Especially when you vacation with your VW.