AP100-AGM-100Ah-Boat-CamperVan Battery

Camper Van Battery-AP100-Genuine Amps

Camper Van Battery-Genuine Amps

Camper Van Battery-Genuine Amps

  • 12V
  • 100 AH
  • Sealed-Spill Proof Technology
  • Twin Round Post Connections Terminal Type-1
  • Dimensions: 351 mm Long x 174 mm Wide x 190 mm Tall to terminal tops
  • Calcium Plate Technology for longer life
  • Maintenance free.
  • Fully charged and ready to fit
  • 2 Year Warranty

The duration of your leisure pursuit is another key consideration.

Of course, the ApolloPower leisure battery range is best suited to the leisure enthusiasts. Including, venturing out for weekend breaks or an annual 2 week holiday. Hence, these leisure batteries are perfect for the longer touring adventures around the UK or Europe.Consequently, another variable to consider is how frequently the leisure battery is used in the leisure application. Camper Van Battery-Genuine AmpsCertainly! Keeping your engaging and succinct style in mind, here’s a specialized product description for the Apollopower battery, suitable for most types of campervans:

Apollopower Battery

? Journey Farther: Powering Limitless Roads! ?

Quick Dive

Do you wander with campervans? Marvelous! Let’s introduce Apollopower battery—your faithful companion in rolling adventures. It’s the energy spark your mobile abode has been craving.

Why Apollopower is Your Road Companion

Two Years of Endless Roads! Visualize two complete years of unending road explorations. It’s more than a warranty; it’s your passport to boundless land quests.Maintenance? Just Roll Past It! Mount it. Bask in it. Forget maintenance distractions. It’s the smooth-riding partner every wanderer desires.Continual Drive 12 volts, 100 Ah. They are not mere metrics; they are the driving force of your terrestrial journeys.

Feature Run-through

  • 100 Ah of Persistent Drive Your rolling refuge yearns for this ceaseless spirit. It’s time to fuel the journey.
  • Two-Year Unbroken Peace It’s about immersing in your land travels with the assurance of unrelenting power.

Snap Specs

  • Voltage: 12V
  • Amperage: 100 Ah
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Eager to Embark on Unceasing Journeys?

Deliberation is a detour. Click ‘Add to Cart’ and step into two years of thrilling, maintenance-free voyages.
Apollopower battery is not a simple battery—it’s the heartbeat of your land adventures. Ready to unfold limitless roads? Your ticket to uncharted territories is just one click away