Caravan-Campervan battery-75 Ah-Caravan Club verified-C

Caravan-Leisure battery-12 volt 75 Ah

Caravan-Leisure battery-12 volts-75 Ah

Caravan-Leisure battery, 12 volts, 75 Ah

  • Caravan Club verified:C -“Special Offer While Stocks Last”
  • 12 volts, 75 Ah
  • MCA 800
  • L  258 W 172 H 200
  • Brand Platinum.

Sealed, maintenance-free battery

Of course, a leisure battery is specifically designed to be continuously ‘cycled’ naturally.So, this means that energy is taken out (discharged) and then put back into the battery (recharged).

Hence, via a battery charger or during ‘hook up’ at a marina.

Consequently, there are three different battery technologies. So, we used that each cycle delivered increasing numbers of cycles and duration time per cycle. Subsequently, which in turn equates to more hours ‘off grid’.So, understanding your electrical usage is critical to selecting the right battery.Therefore, ‘standard equipment’ is simply the electrical equipment supplied with the narrowboat.‘Additional Equipment’ refers to those electrical items brought into the vessel for use during your vacation (portable DVD player, laptop, etc.).tablet, kitchen appliances, etc.

It is also important to use a good-quality smart charger when your battery is not in use.

We have a comprehensive range of Platinum and Trojan leisure batteries, offering a choice of power and service life to suit every leisure application and level of spending. Caravan-Leisure battery-12 volts-75 Ah.

With this in mind, we have devised an easy-to-use battery selector table.

Enabling the leisure enthusiast to match their specific leisure power requirements. So,  to the right leisure battery. These batteries are verified by the National caravan Club of Great Britain.