D21-Varta Silver Calcium Car Van-UK 075-Battery

D21-Varta Silver-075-Batteries

D21-Varta Silver-075-Batteries

  • Technology Wet
  • Capacity (C20)61 Ah CCA (EN)600 A
  • Length 242 mm Width 175 mm Height Inc. terms 175 mm
  • Other References  UK 075
  • Guarantee 5 Years
  • silver dynamic 561 400 060
  • d21 varta silver dynamic
  • car battery 075
As a result, Varta Silver Range of batteries are the Top ranking High Quality Car Battery Range. As a result, the D21 Varta car battery is manufactured by Johnson Controls. So, giving the battery the perfect combination of power and performance.Of course, with all this confidence in quality then the silver range is backed by a 5 year car battery warranty. Lastly, never a doubt about top performance. Hence, means that the D21-Varta Silver-075-Battery is here to stay.The latest technology and innovative design ensure that Varta Car Batteries will be ahead of the game, now and in the future.Of course you can find the correct D21-Varta Silver-075-Battery for your vehicle by clicking the Varta Battery Finder.

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