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EA1050 Exide Premium Battery (115H-UK)

EA1050 Exide Premium Battery (115H-UK)

  • EA1050 Exide Premium Battery (115H-UK)
  • 12 volts
  • 105Ah
  • 850EN
  • 28 Kilograms
  • L=313mm  W=175mm H= 190mm

Exide Premium  are a great choice for your premium car battery.

Exide manufacture batteries for a host of car manufacturers and so have the knowledge and technical knowhow to produce these great batteries. Of course this range of batteries are made for cars with the top electrical specifications. Positive on the right hand side.Quality and dependability are crucial when it comes to automotive batteries. Exide, a well-known brand in the automotive sector, is well known for providing superior battery performance. By highlighting their essential characteristics and the advantages they offer to car owners, we will examine why Exide car batteries are regarded as the pinnacle of excellence in this article.Exceptional Durability: Exide automotive batteries are made to last over time. These batteries provide outstanding durability thanks to their strong design and cutting-edge technology. They are built to withstand a variety of weather situations, including high temperatures, and provide dependable performance all year long.

Outstanding Performance:

Exide batteries are designed to provide outstanding power and performance. They offer a continuous and dependable source of power, assuring effortless engine starts and the best possible operation of your car’s electrical systems. Exide batteries won’t fail you whether you’re travelling on rough terrain or carrying a lot of weight.Efficiency that lasts a long time: Exide car batteries are distinguished by their efficiency that lasts a long time. These batteries are designed to have a high capacity for charge retention, which enables them to maintain a charge for an extended period of time when not in use. This feature ensures that your battery is always prepared to start your engine anytime you need it, making it especially useful for vehicles that are not often used.Exide automotive batteries use cutting-edge technology to improve both their performance and longevity. These batteries are created to withstand the rigorous circumstances of contemporary automobiles thanks to cutting-edge characteristics including improved cycle capabilities and higher vibration resistance. Also, they have enhanced starting power, enabling a prompt and consistent engine ignition.Conclusion:Exide sets the bar extremely high for automobile batteries with their remarkable quality and performance. These batteries are designed to endure the worst conditions while providing dependable power to your car’s electrical systems. Exide vehicle batteries are a popular option for drivers looking for dependability and peace of mind because they feature cutting-edge technology and an emphasis on lifespan. Exide vehicle batteries are the pinnacle of premium automotive batteries.