Electric pallet Truck battery

Electric pallet Truck battery-12V 26 Ah Lucas Battery-Quality AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Battery Charger 12v 8Ah-Ecobat EBC8UK12V 26 Ah Lucas Battery

Electric pallet Truck battery
  • Range: VRLA AGM Standby and Cyclic Battery Voltage : 12v Capacity : 26 ah Weight : 9.2 kg Dimensions : 166 mm X 175 mm X 125 mm Battery Type: Standby Cyclic and AGM battery
  • LSLC 26-12, 12v 26Ah Sealed Lead Acid / VALVE REGULATED LEAD ACID Battery
  • Terminals : Screw down terminals
  • Battery Type: Standby and Cyclic battery


Consequently, the AGM battery can also be known as the VRLA battery. Of course, this stands for “valve regulated lead acid battery”. Hence, the two types are virtually the same battery.Thus, the AGM battery is sealed unit and will not spill out any acid.So, even if the battery is fitted on its side. Subsequently, the acid will not leak. As a result, this is because the acid is not free flowing.But is filled with a type of glass matting. Hence the term AGM “absorbed glass matting”.Adding this glass fibre, then gives the replacement Electric pallet Truck battery 12V 26 Ah Lucas Battery increased surface area.Giving them more power. So, when compared with a standard 12 volt battery. Hence, that we use on many of our cars. Of course there are many of our online customers that will type different words into the search engines.So, to help them find the battery product that they are looking for.For example, semi electric pallet truck, is a very popular search phrase and also semi electric pallet truck uk, is a very popular search term.electric pallet truck battery, Electric pallet truck battery replacement, Electric pallet truck battery price, Electric pallet truck battery for sale, Best electric pallet truck battery.Of course car, leisure, truck and tractor batteries do have the same part numbers.