ES450 Exide 40Ah Gel Leisure Battery

ES450 Exide 40Ah Gel Leisure Battery-NCC Class C- Marine and Motorhome Gel Leisure Battery

ES450 Exide 40Ah Gel Leisure Battery

ES450 Exide 40Ah Gel Battery

  • Gel Technology
  • 40Ah
  • 12 Volt
  • 207mm  x  175mm x 175mm
  • 14.2Kg
  • NCC Class C
  • 1 year Warranty
Of course these batteries designed to supply power. Importantly, for the best-equipped motorhomes, caravans and campervans. Especially suitable for VW campervans, where the ES450 Exide 40Ah Gel Leisure Battery fits under the seat.Hence these Gel batteries are  construction providing high mounting flexibility. As I have side these batteries can be mounted in any position. So, without fear of any leakage.

Completely, maintenance free

with service advantages (absolutely maintenance free, suitable for long resting periods). Including, robustness (high vibration & tilt resistant, spill-proof, leak-proof). multifit gel leisure battery 40ah, marine and multifit gel leisure, exide g40 marine and multifit.Built in Gel technology (electrolyte fixed in a gel) with VRLA venting (valve regulated) covers a Wh* performance range from 900Wh to 2400Wh.Lastly, making it a great choice for most modern leisure batteries for the demanding recreational vehicles.Important notice- So, for motorhomes with higher power consumption. Hence for example with a diesel heater but still generally used without electrical hook-up! Then it may be more practical to use multiple batteries from class A.Of course, to provide the required storage capacity than to specify a single battery of the required capacity. g40 marine and multifit gel.