ET450 Exide batteries to Penshaw Monument

ET550 Exide Semi-Traction Battery

ET550 Exide Semi-Traction Battery

ET550 Exide Semi-Traction Battery
  • Capacity 80 Amps
  • H: 190mm x W: 175mm x L: 278mm
  • 2 year warranty
  • 12 volt wet lead acid
12v Exide 100ah ET550 semi-traction leisure battery

One of the most reliable and effective conventional wet lead acid batteries available today.

Ideal for caravans are vehicles (like boats and motorhomes) that can only be equipped with wet lead acid chargers. The ET650 offers the best performance in terms of life cycles and longevity among the various sizes of battery boxes that make up this group.power equivalent to 650 watt-hours

The ET550 Exide Semi-Traction Battery

The equipment battery range is designed to supply power for vehicles such as boats, caravans, and motorhomes with dedicated battery banks for equipment such as navigational, emergency, safety, and comfort systems (cases C&D). Using the batteries results in a partial or even a significant discharge of their capacity.This indicates that the equipment’s unique design, in conjunction with an effective method of recharging, is the key to achieving the most dependable results and the longest duration of service life possible. The equipment range is the choice to cover all equipment supply needs, from small electronics to emergency power, with Wh* performance ranging from 290Wh to 2400Wh.Et550 Exide semi traction battery review, Et550 Exide semi traction battery price, Exide et650, platinum agm plus leisure battery 12v 100ah agmlb6110l review,  platinum 100ah leisure battery.