Exide EP450 Dual AGM Battery

Exide EP450 Dual Chrysler Cruiser AGM Battery-FITS Chrysler Pt cruiser 2.2 Diesel 2005

Exide EP450 Dual Chrysler Cruiser AGM Battery

Exide EP450 Dual Chrysler Cruiser AGM Battery

  • Spiral AGM Technology
  • Maintenance free
  • 12 volt
  • 50Ah
  • 260mm x 173mm x 206mm
  • 18.6Kg
  • 2 year warranty

Naturally these quality AGM batteries were specially designed.

Of course, to supply power to the most popular range of motorhomes and caravans, and not forgetting the many campervans in the UK.So, also provides good starting power for the vehicle’s engines. of course, these batteries are sealed and offer flexibility when it comes to where they are fitted. Either on their sides or they can also be fitted in the vehicle cab.Importantly, these Exide EP450 Dual Chrysler Cruiser AGM Batteries are absolutely maintenance-free. Including suitability for long resting periods. Of course saving up to 50% of recharge time. Fundamentally built and engineered for robustness, these batteries offer high vibration and tilt resistance and are spill-proof and leak-proof.

Built in AGM technology (absorbed glass matting)

Including VRLA venting for use in a closed area! Lastly, it makes it a great choice for any kind of recreational vehicle.Of course, most leisure batteries need ventilation!  As well as isolation when installed in the motorhome or caravan. During use lead acid batteries will give off a mix of hydrogen and oxygen gases.So, by using AGM or Gel batteries with our “internal gas recombination” feature,.
Thus, minimal gas emissions are regulated by the valve (VRLA). So, special ventilation or isolation is not required.
VRLA batteries can also be installed for locations like inside the passenger room or under the driver seat. Importantly, such as many of the VW Campervans. FITS Chrysler Pt cruiser 2.2 Diesel 2005.Finally, please check your old battery part numbers before ordering your new battery online. Battery Charger 12v 8Ah-Ecobat EBC8UK