GF12090 V SONNENSCHEIN dryfit a500 battery

GF12090 V SONNENSCHEIN dryfit a500 battery

GF12090 V SONNENSCHEIN12V, 96 AHSPECS L 513 mm X W 189 mm X H 223 mmWeight: 40 kgsabsolutely maintenance-free » Non-hazardous robust, safe and reliable » Low self-discharge Extremely low gassing Clean and environmentally friendly

The batteries in the GF12090 V SONNENSCHEIN dryfit a500 battery range are compact

Hence, it includes versatility and can be used in a wide variety of applications. Consequently, Dry fit technology consists of closed-system batteries in which the electrolyte is fixed in a gel. Specifically,  this means that no maintenance whatsoever is required. Including the total and entire service life of the GF12090 V SONNENSCHEIN battery. Significantly, the special advantage of the Sonnenschein dryfit battery. Accordingly, lies in the batteries’ suitability for extreme operating conditions. Explicitly, embarking on the highest demands on reliability.Excellent for use in the solar battery storage industry and leisure battery market. Including advanced guided vehicles, mobile elevating work platforms, cleaning machines, walk-behind pallet trucks, electric cars and buses.

Important Note:

Please do check the GF12090 V SONNENSCHEIN dryfit a500 battery Dimensions. Including positive and negative terminal (post) layout and terminal type . So,against your old battery or battery tray where the battery is placed in the vehicle before purchasing the sonnenschein batteries dry fit