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Invacare Cruiser Plus scooter Battery-34 Ah

Invacare Cruiser Plus scooter Battery-34 Ah

Invacare Cruiser Plus scooter Battery-34 Ah

  • GOLF/MOBILITY BATTERY Weight is 11.5 kg; carry handle incorporated
  • These batteries have the same dimensions as 33 Ah, 34 Ah, 35 Ah, and 36 Ah.
  • Terminals are Bolt connectors
  • DIMENSIONS: L195 mm x W130 mm x H156 mm

Power to Overcome

Lucas mobility batteries are engineered with one goal in mind: to provide exceptional power for mobility devices.They are designed to conquer various terrains and endure long journeys, empowering users to navigate their world with confidence.With Lucas batteries, you can explore the great outdoors, travel through bustling city streets, and live life to the fullest.

Unmatched Longevity

One of the standout features of Lucas Mobility batteries is their remarkable lifespan.These batteries are built to last, offering extended cycles and sustained performance over time.This longevity means fewer battery replacements, less maintenance, and more time spent enjoying life. Health and safety advises that you wear eye protection and some old clothing with rubber gloves.As we all know, batteries contain acid, which is very corrosive and can damage your skin. If you check and notice that the battery packing box is wet, then do not sign for the Invacare Cruiser Plus scooter Battery-34 Ah and let the courier take it back to their depot.We will endeavour to send you another battery as soon as possible and sort the breakage out with the courier at a later date.If the box looks good, then open it in the upright position.