Low Box-Platinum-Deep Cycle Boat-Marine Battery

Low Box-Platinum-Deep Cycle Boat-Marine Battery

Low Box-Platinum-Deep Cycle Boat-Marine Battery

Low Box-Platinum-Deep Cycle Boat-Marine Battery
  • NCC-approved Class A
  • 12V
  • 100 AH – NCC Approved and Verified
  • 850 CCA
  • AGM Spill-Proof Technology
  • Round-Post Connections
  • Dimensions: 354 mm Long x 175 mm Wide x 190 mm Tall (INC POSTS)
  • Weight: :25 kg
  • Calcium Plate Technology for longer life
  • Maintenance free. Low Box-Platinum-Deep Cycle Boat-Marine Battery
  • Fully charged and ready to fit
  • 4 Year Warranty

The duration of your leisure pursuit is another key consideration.

Of course, the Leisure or Leisure Plus range is best suited to leisure enthusiasts.So, venturing out for weekend breaks or an annual 2-week holiday Hence, the Platinum AGM, Trojan AGM, and Trojan GEL ranges are perfect for longer touring adventures around the UK or Europe.Consequently, another variable to consider is how frequently the Platinum Deep Cycle Boat-Marine Battery is used in the leisure application.For example, if you are using your boat, caravan, or motorhome on a daily basis, Thus, you will put more demands on the AGM leisure battery. Compared to if you are simply using it for the occasional leisure vacation.

Want a simple and dependable way to fuel your camper van travels?

The 100Ah Platinum Low Box Battery is what you need for carefree adventuring. Our Platinum Low Box Battery has a massive 100Ah capacity, so it can easily power all of your camper van’s accessories and appliances. Put that extension cord away, because long trips are here.Our battery doesn’t require any special care or attention because it is sealed and requires no maintenance. It’s made to last without requiring continuous maintenance, so you can focus on the road.

The low-box design was developed specifically for camper vans.

making it the best option for under-seat installation. It’s ideal for your itinerant lifestyle because of how much room it saves you without sacrificing functionality.  We know the specific challenges that British roads and landscapes present.Therefore, we built our vehicles with them in mind. You can trust that our Platinum Battery will hold up to the rigours of your short commutes.

? Explore with Confidence: Low Box-Platinum-Deep Cycle Boat-Marine Battery

When you choose our Platinum Low Box Battery, you’re not only investing in power; you’re investing in great adventures. Discover the best kept secrets in the United Kingdom and other hidden gems by reading our blog.Invest in a 100Ah Platinum Low Box Battery for your camper van and you’ll be ready for adventures across the United Kingdom.Now you may set off on your next journey with full faith that you have the dependable energy source you require. ??This battery is the ideal product for use in sea going boat vessels