Mercedes E220 Aux Battery-Start-Stop

Mercedes E220 Aux Battery-Start-Stop Exide (AGM 1212)

Mercedes E220 Aux Battery-Start-Stop

Mercedes E220 Aux Battery-Start-Stop

  • 12 Volts
  • 12 A/Hour
  • CCA 200 En
  • AGM Technology
  • L 150mm x W 90mm x H 145mm
  • OE Number: CX23-10C655-AC
  • 3 times higher cycle life ›  Importantly, a Long shelf life ›  VRLA (valve regulated). Beneficently, for leak-proof security ›  Attentive, Original equipment experience inside ›  Apprehensively, Covering most popular fitments

Naturally, Exide has now introduced

the Start-Stop Auxiliary line. On the aftermarket, I agree. allowing businesses like ours to provide these top-notch battery items online. Naturally, Exide incorporated this kind of battery by capitalising on their previous expertise.

gain from our original equipment business, which is reassuring.

Certain cars use auxiliary batteries to power their electrical systems. in addition to the vehicle’s main starter battery.

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Batteries for cars, boats, trucks, and tractors all have the same part numbers, of course.

Additionally, we strongly advise that you replace your vehicle’s battery with a comparable one. Therefore, another AGM EXIDE battery should be used to swap out a Mercedes battery that serves as an auxiliary battery-start-stop.