12V 5 AH Lucas VRLA Batteries

Mountfield Lucas Battery 12 V-5Ah Fits Some Hayter

Mountfield Lucas Battery 12 V-5Ah Fits Some Hayter

Mountfield Lucas Battery 12 V-5Ah Fits Some Hayter

  • 12 Volt – 5.0 Ah
  • This is exactly the same size as a 4.5 Ah & 4.2 Ah
  • and can be used to replace any 12V battery of similar dimensions.
  • VRLA (Valve regulated) – NON-HARMFUL – ENTIRELY SEALED
  • Non-spillable AGM Technology (Absorbed Glass Mat) Unrivalled Energy density
  • This is a Totally Sealed battery and can be used in any orientation
  • Used in: Torches (Flash Light)—Model Boats, Alarms, and Toy Vehicles
  • Dimensions & Fitment: L 70 mm x D 47 mm x H 100 mm
  • Weight: 0.8 Kg
  • One-year warranty

AGM batteries will probably be seen as one of the commonest types of batteries and come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and power ratings.

These batteries are made to supply electrical power to many different applications.Such as golf trolleys, solar energy storage, bait feeders for anglers, batteries that power stair lifts for the disabled, backup power systems(also known as Mountfield Lucas Battery 12 V-5Ah Fits Some Hayter, just to confuse things even further), and the list goes on and on.

Huanyu HYS645-replacement battery, 12v 5ah

The AGM battery can also be known as the VRLA battery, . Of course, this stands for “valve-regulated lead-acid battery.”. Therefore, the two types have virtually the same battery.The AGM battery is a sealed unit. Hence, they will not spill out any acid.Thus, even if the battery is fitted on its side,. As a result, the acid will not leak.This is because the acid is not free-flowing but is filled with a type of glass matting, hence the term “absorbed glass matting.”.