096AGM Numax-Start-Stop-Battery

MX5-HJ-A24L-Numax-Start-Stop Battery

MX5-HJ-A24L-Numax-Start-Stop Battery

MX5-HJ-A24L-Numax-Start-Stop Battery

  • AGM Technology
  • 12 Volts
  • 40 Ah
  • 310 CCA (EN)
  • Length  194 mm   Width  120 mm  Height inc terminals 180 mm
  • 3 Year Guarantee


Of course, the Numax AGM battery features a Deep-cycle feature. Consequently, gives you an even higher cyclic capability and therefore recharges much faster. Thus, than a more conventional type of lead-acid batteries.Significantly, this extra power is essential. Especially when it comes to advanced car engine emission systems. Finally, on vehicles that employ regenerative braking systems and other fuel-saving technologies.

So, AGM batteries (absorbed glass matting) have been around for some time.

Primarily used on leisure vehicles! Then this was be the battery technology to use in the new hybrid cars. Apart from the battery on this product page .Many cars also now require a second battery.This secondary battery is known as the “auxiliary battery”. Importantly, this battery acts as a backup battery for the main battery.In case of the main 115-AGM Numax-Deep Cycle Battery developing a fault.

Stop start systems

Also many new standard fuel cars are fitted with “stop-start” systems which require the engine to be switched on and off.Therefore these vehicles are fitted with the stronger AGM battery. Also another new battery type was developed the EFB battery. Of course this stands for “enhanced flooded battery”.Very similar to a normal flooded lead acid battery but fitted with stronger plates.Giving this battery more power to cope. Especially, with the constant engine switching on and off on the “start stop” vehicle. I hope this article is of good use to my readers.New battery technologies are getting very difficult to explain I hope this helps.