Brinkmann Spotlight 80226050 6V 4 Ah Spotlight Battery

Optronics GR-100Y-6V-4 Ah-Lucas-Spotlight Battery

Optronics GR-100Y-6V-4 Ah-Lucas-Spotlight Battery

Optronics GR-100Y-6V-4 Ah-Lucas-Spotlight Battery
  • This  is exactly the same size as a 4.5 Ah or 4.2 Ah
  • L 70 mm x D 47 mm x H 100 mm
  • Weight 0.8Kg
  • One-year warranty

Any questions: 01422 410899

Consequently, the AGM battery can also be known as the VRLA battery.Of course, this stands for “valve-regulated lead-acid battery”. Hence, the two types have virtually the same battery.

Thus, the AGM battery is a sealed unit and will not spill out any acid.

So, even if the battery is fitted on its side, the acid will not leak. As a result, this is because the acid is not free-flowing. But it is filled with a type of glass matting. Hence the term “absorbed glass matting”.Adding this glass fibre gives the Optronics GR-100Y 6V 4 Ah Spotlight Battery increased surface area. Giving them more power. So, when compared with a standard 12-volt battery, we use it in many of our cars.Product Review 1: Optronics Spotlight: -Optronics GR-100Y-6V-4 Ah-Lucas-Spotlight BatteryI recently purchased the Optronics spotlight, and I must say, I’m thoroughly impressed.
This thing is an absolute game-changer when it comes to night-time visibility.
The spotlight is incredibly bright and has a focused beam that reaches far down the road. It’s perfect for those late-night drives on dimly lit roads.What makes it even better is the battery life. The Optronics battery that came with it has lasted me multiple trips without needing a recharge.It’s reliable and long-lasting, which is exactly what I need for my outdoor adventures. Optronics GR-100Y-6V-4 Ah-Lucas-Spotlight BatteryPlus, the build quality of both the spotlight and the battery feels robust and durable. I highly recommend this combo for anyone in need of reliable lighting on their journeys.