Pressure Washer battery

Pressure Washer battery-Kiam Yanmar Diesel Engine KM3400DX

Pressure Washer battery

Kiam Yanmar Diesel Engine Pressure Washer battery

Voltage: 12V

Capacity: 20 AH (Replace 12V 17 AH, 12V 18 AH, 12V 19 AH, 12V 21 AH, 12V 20 AH, and 12V 22AH)

Dimensions : Length 180 mm, width 76 mm, height 167 mm

Fully Sealed Lead Acid Battery: Totally Sealed for Life and Safe with a 1-Year Warranty

Note: AGM means ‘Absorbed Glass Mat’.

So, the plates are wrapped in electrolyte. Which is absorbed by the mat. Pressure Washer battery

This gives you a battery that is more resilient to cold weather and input voltages. Consequently, from your charger, a fully charged battery gives you a very robust battery.

Firstly, the AGM battery can also be known as the VRLA  Pressure Washer battery.

Of course, this stands for “valve-regulated lead acid battery” .So, the two types have virtually the same battery.Of course, the AGM battery is a sealed unit.

Significantly, it will not spill out any acid. Even if the battery is fitted on its side, the acid will not leak.

Because the acid is not free-flowing but is filled with a type of glass matting. Hence the term AGM “absorbed glass matting”. Lastly, by adding this glass fibre,Of course, many of our online customers will type in different things to obtain their wishes.So, including kiam pressure washer spares, and often ask us for kiam pressure washer reviews . Especially about the Lucas batteries that we use for these power washers.