Pride Mobility-Jazzy 1103-113-1143-Mini-Sundancer-batteries-Lucas 34 Ah

Pride Mobility-Quantum 610-Lucas batteries-34 Ah

Pride Mobility-Quantum 610-Lucas batteries-34 Ah

Pride Mobility-Quantum 610-Lucas batteries-34 Ah

  • Range: Lucas VRLA AGM Standby and Cyclic Battery Voltage : 12v Capacity : 34ah Weight : 11.4kg Length: 195mm Width: 129mm Height to lid of battery: 155mm Height to top of terminals: 179mm Battery Type: AGM battery
  • Lucas LSLC34-12, 12v, 34Ah Sealed Lead Acid/Valve / VALVE REGULATED LEAD ACID Battery
  • Terminals : bolt on terminals


Consequently, the AGM battery can also be known as the VRLA battery. Of course, this stands for “valve-regulated lead-acid battery.”.Hence, the two types have virtually the same battery. Thus, the AGM battery is a sealed unit and will not spill out any acid. So, even if the battery is fitted on its side,Subsequently, the acid will not leak. As a result, this is because the acid is not free-flowing. But it is filled with a type of glass matting. Hence the term “absorbed glass matting.”.Adding this glass fibre then gives the Pride Mobility-Quantum 610-Lucas batteries-34 Ah increased surface area. Giving them more power. So, when compared with a standard 12-volt battery, we use it in many of our different vehicles.

A Partner in Your Journey:

Whether you’re a golfer looking to conquer the course or someone who relies on a mobility scooter for everyday activities, the 34Ah Lucas AGM battery is more than just a power source;it’s a partner in your journey. It empowers you to live life to the fullest without worrying about power interruptions.