Bosch Start-Stop battery

S5A08-096-Stop-Start AGM Bosch Car Battery-For Stop-Start Cars


096 AGM Bosch Car Battery

  • 12 Volts 70 Ah  CCA 760 A
  • L  278 mm  W  175 mm  H (inc. terminal)  190 MM
  • 3-year warranty

Of course, Bosch S6 High Performance AGMTM Batteries provide excellent charge acceptance. including peak power for vehicles with start/stop systems. significantly, including regenerative braking and the highest electronic demand. So, the S6 features AGM™ technology and satisfies the highest starting & power supply standards. Finally, even in extreme hot and cold climates

Key Features

  • Up to 2x longer life* than conventional starter batteries
  • Constant power even for short trips, stop-and-go traffic or high consumption in stationary mode
  • Latest technology for start/stop applications, S5A08-096-Stop-Start AGM Bosch Car Battery
  • 4-year free replacement warranty
  • Free Roadside assistance
stop start

Ambitiously, the AGM battery is now used for many cars.

Conclusively, this is due to the advent of the “Start-Stop” engine system. Of course, many of our cars now use this system. So, the S5A08-096-Stop-Start is used because it is of deep-cycle technology.The AGM battery is sealed unit and will not spill out any acid! Importantly, even if the battery is fitted on its side, the acid will not leak. Because the acid is not free-flowing but is filled with a type of glass matting. Hence the term “absorbed glass matting”.By adding this glass fibre,  the batteries increased their surface area. So, giving them more power when compared with a standard 12-volt battery Of course, we use it on many of our cars today.Checkout the correct Bosch battery from the Bosch Battery Finder Of course, we here at BatteriesOnTheWeb try our best to buy the correct battery product. As a result, we can offer one of our best products. The Apollo-Power battery brand Two types are offered.The Apollo-Power green label Naturally, this battery comes with a three-year warranty. Consequently, we also offer a Black and Orange four year premium quality battery. All our batteries are sent with next-working-day delivery.So, to most UK postcodes: These Car batteries are not cheap. Hence, if you buy cheap car batteries for as little as £25 each, Then you are buying trouble for the future.