Small Boat Battery SD85LE

Small Boat Battery SD85LE

Small Boat Battery SD85LE

Twin Post Heavy Duty-ApolloPower-Twin Post Canal/River Boat Batteries

  • Small Boat Battery SD85LE
  • 12 volt 85 Ah- GROUP 24 BATTERY
  • MCA 800
  • L  258 W 172 H 200

Sealed, maintenance-free battery

Of course, a Canal boat battery is specifically designed to be continuously ‘cycled’ naturally.Significantly, this means that energy is taken out (discharged) and then put back into the battery (recharged). Hence, via a battery charger or during ‘hook up’ at a marina.

Consequently, there are three different battery technologies. Small Boat Battery SD85LE

So, we used that each deliver increasing numbers of cycles and duration time per cycle. Subsequently, which in turn equates to more hours ‘off grid’.So, understanding your electrical usage is critical to selecting the right Small Boat Battery for heavy duty.

Therefore, ‘standard equipment’ is simply the electrical equipment supplied with the narrowboat.

‘Additional Equipment’ refers to those electrical items brought into the vessel for use during your vacation (portable DVD player, laptop, etc.). tablet, kitchen appliances, etc.