Smart Battery Charger-LC-2702

Smart Battery Charger-LC-2702

LC-2702-6V/12V Smart Charger

6V/12V Smart Charger-Output 2/6/12 Amps Multi PurposeSmart Battery Charger-LC-2702

Charger Details

Of course, this is one of the new breeds of chargers, the LC-2702-6V/12V Smart Charger. So, it is able to charge both 6-volt and 12-volt batteries. Subsequently, the output of this smart charger is 2/6/12 amps.

Smart Charger Features

• Firstly, this charger is able to charge flooded lead acid batteries, Agm batteries, and Gel batteries. It is a very adaptable piece of equipment.Secondly, there is no need to worry about charging a depleted battery. This charger uses intelligent multi-stage charging.

Therefore, it will safely restore your flat battery due to its multi-stage charging facility.

Lastly, the smart battery charger “smart clamps” prevent the following scenarios from sparking, short circuiting, reverse polarity, over-charging. Including over-voltage, over-load, and over-heating during the charging process.Of course there are many of our online customers that will type different words into the search engines.
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