Exide EK151-AGM Auxiliary Battery

start stop battery jaguar XF- Exide EK151-AGM Auxiliary Battery fits Jaguar Land Rover

start stop battery jaguar XF
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start stop battery jaguar XF

start stop battery jaguar XF

  • 12 Volts
  • 15 A/Hour
  • CCA 200 En
  • AGM Technology
  • L 150mm x W 90m x H 145mm
  • OE Number CX23-10C655-AC
3 times higher cycle life ›  Importantly a Long shelf life ›  VRLA (valve regulated). Beneficently, for leak-proof security ›  Attentive, Original equipment experience inside ›  Apprehensively, Covering most popular fitments

Unsurprisingly, then Exide have launched the Start-Stop Auxiliary range. Agreeably, on the aftermarket. Enabling retailers like ourselves to sell these excellent battery products online. Naturally, Exide have added this type of battery by building on experience. Reassuringly, gained through our original equipment business. Auxiliary batteries power the electrical equipment in certain cars. Complementary, to the main vehicles starter battery.

Of course there are many of our online customers that will type different words into the search engines. So, to help them find the battery product that they are looking for. For example, jaguar battery cx23-10c655-ac, is a very popular search phrase and also cx23-10c655-ac replacement, is a very popular search term. Of course car, leisure, truck and tractor batteries do have the same part numbers. We also highly recommend that you fit a like for like battery on your vehicle. So, for example an start stop battery jaguar XF should be replaced by another AGM EXIDE Battery