USL16HC Deep Cycle  Battery

USL16 Deep Cycle Monobloc Battery 6V 380 AH-Sweeper/Scrubber/Multi-purpose battery

USL16 Deep Cycle Monobloc Battery

USL16 Deep Cycle Monobloc Battery

6V 380 AHWEIGHT 50 KGSSPECS L 302 m X W 181 mm X H 425 mmImportant Note: Please do check the Dimensions and positive and negative terminal (post) layout and terminal type against your old Trojan battery or battery tray where the battery is placed in the vehicle before purchasing the batteryOf course, Batteries on the web supply all types of car batteries online with a next working day delivery. Supplying batteries from all leading battery manufacturers from Lucas to U.S.Batteries. They supply batteries for cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, solar energy and mobility scooter. We are also stockists of Pennine King Power and Apollo Power batteries in the Yorkshire area. 


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