Varta LA 70 AGM Duel Purpose Leisure batteries

Varta LA 70 AGM Duel Purpose Leisure batteries

Varta LA 70 AGM Duel Purpose Leisure batteries

Varta LA 70 AGM Duel Purpose Leisure batteries

Professional Dual Purpose AGM Key Benefits

  • Significantly, this battery is well  designed for motorhomes, caravans and boats. So, with moderate energy requirements, long-lasting.
  • Of course, up to four times the cyclic stability of conventional flooded batteries (up to 400 cycles @ 50% DOD)
  • Explicitly, minimal self-discharge. Of course, this makes them ideal for seasonal use
  • AGM technology for superb shock and vibration resistance. Varta LA 70 AGM Duel Purpose Leisure Batteries.
  • So, is perfectly ideal for dual power applications (can be used for both overall energy supply and starting)

? Varta Professional AGM Battery ?

Unfold Limitless Leisure Adventures with Dual-Purpose Excellence!

At a Glimpse

Embarking on boundless leisure pursuits? Fantastic! Meet the Varta LA 70 AGM Duel Purpose Leisure batteries—the dual-purpose prodigy,revolutionising your sophisticated escapes. It’s the electrifying soul your leisure vessel has been longing for!

Why Varta is Your Adventurous Companion

Ever-Enduring Expedition Energy! Imagine endless leisure expeditions fueled by 12 volts and 70 Ah. This is not just a powerhouse; it’s your gateway to unrivalled pleasures.Maintenance? Bypass and Explore! Install it. Relish it. Bypass the maintenance dance. It’s the steadfast companion every explorer aspires to have.Stalwart Energy Essence 70 Ah, 760 CCA. Beyond just numbers, they are your enduring adventure partners.

Highlighted Features

  • Versatile Energy Marvel Your leisure explorer craves this multifarious vigour. It is time to revitalise its spirit.
  • Uninterrupted Journey Reliability Traverse uncharted territories with the assurance of unyielding energy.
  • Advanced AGM Innovation Your contemporary ally for superior leisure endeavours, merging resilience with top-tier functionality.

Quick Specs

  • Voltage: 12V
  • Amperage: 70 Ah
  • CCA: 760
  • Sap Number: 683195
  • ETN Number: 930070076
Adapts To:
A myriad of boats, campervans, and motorhomes—it’s the versatile energy maestro for all your diverse leisure requirements!

Ready to Embark on Infinite Leisure?

delay is a detour. Press ‘Add to Cart’ and immerse yourself in boundless, serene expeditions.
The Varta Professional AGM Battery isn’t merely a power unit—it’s the heartbeat of your multifaceted journeys. Are you eager to plunge intorelentless, lavish adventures? Your passage to boundless leisure exploration is just a click away!