Varta LA 95 AGM Battery Professional Duel Purpose

Varta LA 95 AGM Battery Professional Duel Purpose

Varta LA 95 AGM Battery Professional Duel Purpose

Varta LA 95 AGM Battery Professional Duel Purpose

  • Professional Dual Purpose AGM Key Benefits
  • Significantly, this battery is well  designed for motorhomes, caravans and boats. So, with moderate energy requirements, it is long-lasting.
  • Of course, up to four times the cyclic stability of conventional flooded batteries (up to 400 cycles @ 50% DOD)
  • Explicitly, minimal self-discharge. Of course, this makes them ideal for seasonal use
  • AGM technology for superb shock and vibration resistance. Varta LA 95 AGM Battery Professional Duel Purpose
  • So, is perfectly ideal for dual power applications (can be used for both overall energy supply and starting)

Varta Professional AGM Battery

? Embark on Dual-Purpose Journeys: Elevate Your Leisure Experiences! ?

Brief Encounter

Stepping into the domain of leisure adventures? Splendid! Welcome to the Varta Professional AGM battery—your dual-purpose maven for premium exploits.It’s the pulsating core your leisure conveyance has been searching for.

Why Varta is Your Multifaceted Comrade

Unceasing Exploration Vigour! Visualise infinite leisure pursuits empowered by 12 volts, 95 Ah. It’s not just a powerhouse; it’s your gateway to uncharted enjoyments.Maintenance? Set Forth! Slot it. Embrace it. Sidestep the maintenance hustle. It’s the steadfast partner every wanderer covets.Solid Power 95 Ah, 950 CCA. These are not mere figures; they are your perpetual adventure mates.

Feature Highlights

  • Dual-Purpose Brilliance Your leisure vessel craves this diverse vigour. It’s time to rejuvenate its spirit.
  • Constant Voyage Assurance It’s about traversing landscapes with the peace of unwavering energy.
  • Cutting-Edge AGM Technology For those desiring to be at to be at to be at the forefront of technology,,,. It’s the modern-day ally for your diverse leisure aspirations, melding resilience with supreme functionality.

Quick Details

  • Voltage: 12V
  • Amperage: 95 Ah
  • CCA: 950
  • Sap Number: 590715
  • ETN Number: 8400495085

Ready to Propel Your Leisure Sojourns?

Hesitation is a diversion. Click ‘Add to Cart’ and dive into limitless, serene odysseys.
The Varta Professional AGM Battery isn’t just another battery—it’s the rhythm of your varied explorations.Eager to plunge into ceaseless lavish voyages? The route to unending leisure explorations is merely a click away!