840060068-LA60-Varta-AGM Battery

Varta LA60 AGM Leisure Battery-Professional

Varta LA60 AGM Leisure Battery

Varta LA60 AGM Leisure Battery Model:

840 060 068

Professional Dual Purpose AGM Key Benefits
Significantly, this battery is well  designed for motorhomes, caravans and boats. So, with moderate energy requirements, it is long-lasting.

Of course, up to four times the cyclic stability of conventional flooded batteries (up to 400 cycles @ 50% DOD)

Explicitly, minimal self-discharge. Of course, this makes them ideal for seasonal useAGM technology for superb shock and vibration resistance 

So, is perfectly ideal for dual power applications (can be used for both overall energy supply and starting)

Naturally, Leisure batteries, otherwise known as marine batteries or deep-cycle batteries,. So, are commonly used for boating,motorhomes, solar power storage mobility vehicles and powered golf trolleys.

Of course, when using an auto battery under leisure battery conditions,.

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