Varta LFD 140 Professional Deep Cycle battery

Varta LED 190 Professional-EFB-Leisure/Duel Purpose Deep Cycle battery

Varta LED 190 Professional

Varta LED 190 Professional

Professional Dual Purpose Key Benefits

Leisure batteries, otherwise known as marine batteries or deep-cycle batteries,. Consequently, are commonly used for boating, motorhomes,solar power storage mobility vehicles. Including powered golf trolleys. Varta LED 190 Professional.

? The Varta Professional AGM Battery—Dual-Purpose Majesty! ?

A Glimpse into the Heart of Leisure

Wanderer of the sea and the open roads, meet your relentless companion! Presenting the Varta Professional AGM battery,meticulously crafted for the daring souls longing for boundless leisure excursions! It’s the heartthrob your adventurous pal has been yearning for!

Why Varta is the Companion You’ve Been Searching For

Unwavering power, Symphony! 12 volts and 190 Ah of uncompromised energy; it’s more than just power—it’s the heartbeat of your uncharted explorations.Maintenance? Just Cruise! Install. Traverse. Forget the upkeep. The nonpareil companion in your ceaseless jaunts.Exceptional Energy Cadence 190 Ah, 1050 CCA—it’s the whisper of vitality in every journey, promising a steadfast embrace.

Delving into Features

  • Universal Energy Maestro Whether it’s a boat or a camper, it’s the versatile essence augmenting the spirit of your leisure crafts.
  • Dimensional Harmony Width: 223 mm, Length: 513 mm, Height: 223 mm. Crafted to fit, designed to enchant.
  • Innovative AGM Brilliance Embark on a modern marvel, blending enduring fortitude with top-notch efficiency, satisfying every leisure aficionado’s desire.

Quick Glance Specs

  • Voltage: 12V
  • Amperage: 190 Ah
  • CCA: 1050
  • Sap Number: 683179
  • ETN Number: 930190105

A Fit for Diverse Leisure Marvels:

From boats to campervans to motorhomes, it’s the versatile energy connoisseur for your diversified leisure ventures!

Ready to Embrace Unseen Horizons?

Why linger in the unknown? Click ‘Add to Cart’ and let your heart dance in unexplored territories.
The Varta Professional AGM Battery isn’t merely an energy conduit—it’s the spirit of your boundless adventures.Eager to immerse in a world of lavish exploration? Your pass to limitless leisure wonders is merely a click away!