Varta LFD 140 Professional Deep Cycle battery

Varta LED 240-LFD230-EFB-Commercial Leisure/Duel Purpose Deep Cycle battery

Varta LED 240-LFD230

Varta LED 240-LFD230

Professional Dual Purpose Key Benefits
So, Leisure batteries, otherwise known as marine batteries or deep cycle batteries. Consequently, are commonly used for boating,motor-home, solar power storage mobility vehicles. Including powered golf trolleys. Varta LED 240-LFD230.

Varta Professional AGM Battery ?

Embark on Boundless Escapades with Dual-Purpose Grandeur!

A Quick Glimpse

Embarking on unlimited leisure explorations? Splendid! Introducing the Varta Professional AGM battery—the dual-purpose phenomenon,ready to redefine your luxury escapes. It’s the pulsating core your adventurous vessel has been seeking!

Why Varta Becomes Your Exploration Pal

Perpetual Voyage Vigor! Envision uninterrupted leisure odysseys powered by 12 volts, 240 Ah. It’s not just power; it’s your entry to unparalleled delights.Maintenance? Skip and Soar! Mount it. Enjoy it. Forgo the maintenance rigmarole. It’s the unwavering pal every wanderer yearns for.Solid Energy Anthem 240 Ah, 1200 CCA. They’re not mere specs; they’re your enduring comrades in each escapade.

Features in the Spotlight

  • Universal Power Virtuoso Your leisure conveyance hungers for this diversified zest. Time to amplify its essence.
  • Continuous Adventure Assurance Uncover unseen landscapes with the peace of enduring solidity.
  • Revolutionary AGM Technology Meet your modern-day companion, blending undying resilience with peak efficiency, for those who desire the pinnacle in leisure pursuits.

Brief Specs

  • Voltage: 12V
  • Amperage: 240 Ah
  • CCA: 1200
  • Sap Number: 683192
  • ETN Number: 930240120

Perfectly Suits:

A variety of boats, campervans, and motorhomes—it’s the adaptable power maestro catering to your versatile leisure needs!

Ready to Dive into Boundless Leisure?

Hesitation is a distraction. Hit ‘Add to Cart’ and dive into limitless, tranquil voyages.
The Varta Professional AGM Battery is not just an energy provider—it’s the essence of your diverse adventures. Ready to launch intoceaseless opulent explorations? Your gateway to a universe of leisure discovery is just one click away!
Capacity: 240 Ah
CCA: 1200 EN
Width:276 mm
Length:518 mm
Height:242 mm
Short Code :LFD 240