Varta LED 70-EFB Leisure Deep Cycle battery

Varta LED 70-EFB Leisure Deep Cycle battery

Varta LED 70-EFB Leisure Deep Cycle battery

Varta LED 70-EFB Leisure Deep Cycle battery

Professional Dual Purpose Key Benefits
Leisure batteries, otherwise known as marine batteries or deep-cycle batteries,. Consequently, are commonly used forboating, motorhomes, solar power storage mobility vehicles. Including powered golf trolleys. Varta LED 70-EFB Leisure Deep Cycle battery. 

? Varta Professional EFB Battery: The Unseen Navigator! ?

Embark with the Unseen Guardian!

Unfurl the sails and steer your journey with the Varta Professional EFB Battery! It’s not just a battery; it’s your unseen navigator.guiding through the boundless expanses—a symphony of whispered adventures and uncharted paths!

Why Should the Varta Professional EFB Battery be Your Choice?

Boundless Energy! With 12 volts and 70Ah, it’s your eternal flame in the untold chapters of wandering, a limitless dance of vigour and zeal!Steadfast Vigour! Boasting 760 CCA, it’s your silent guardian, the relentless power in every escapade and the whisperer of hidden tales!Fuss-Free Wonder! Embrace the limitless horizons without the chains of maintenance! It’s your key to the unwritten sagas of the land, sea, and beyond!

Discover the Unseen Features:

  • Harmonious Dimensions! Measuring 175 mm (W) x 278 mm (L) x 190 mm (H), it’s your snug companion, effortlessly blending into your diverse vessels of exploration.
  • EFB Technological Maestro! A maestro of seamless power, weaving unbroken threads of adventures, it’s the answer to every wanderer’s call!

Key Attributes:

  • Voltage: 12V
  • Amperage: 70Ah
  • CCA: 760
  • Sap Number: 683195
  • ETN Number: 930070076

Universal Conductor of Journeys!

Whether traversing in trucks, sailing in boats, roaming in campervans, or exploring in motorhomes, it’s the quintessence of universaladaptability—your confidante in every journey’s whisper!

Join the Uncharted Symphony!

Unravel the unspoken mysteries; embrace the unseen paths! Add the Varta Professional EFB Battery to your cart and let theuncharted symphony of adventures begin!
The Varta Professional EFB Battery isn’t merely a source of energy; it’s your fellow storyteller, your guide in the labyrinth of untold journeys.So, why wait? Your uncharted symphony is beckoning; your enigmatic journey is just a heartbeat away!