Varta LFD 140 Professional Deep Cycle battery

Varta LFD 140 Professional Deep Cycle battery

Varta LFD 140 Professional Deep Cycle battery

Varta LFD 140 Professional Deep Cycle battery

Professional Dual Purpose Key Benefits

Leisure batteries, otherwise known as marine batteries or deep-cycle batteries,. Consequently, are commonly used for boating, motorhomes,solar power storage mobility vehicles. Including powered golf trolleys. Varta LFD 140 Professional Deep Cycle Battery.

? Varta Professional Battery: Dual-Purpose Dynamo! ?

Embark on a Journey of Power!

Meet the Varta Professional Battery, a traveller’s noble companion on the winding roads and boundless seas, delivering a wellspring of steadfastenergy for those whose hearts are set on the unknown!

Why Choose Varta Professional?

Pulse of Endurance! With 12 volts and 140Ah, it’s not just a battery; it’s the undying heartbeat of your myriad adventures, guiding you through untold stories and uncharted territories!Unfettered & Unburdened! Installation is a breeze; no more maintenance worries—just the open road, the rustling waves, and the pulsating freedom.Vigorous Vitality! A potent blend of 140 Ah and 800 CCA, it’s the silent whisperer of boundless energy, the keeper of untold tales.

Delve Deeper: Unique Features!

  • Dimensional Virtuoso! Width: 189 mm; Length: 513 mm; Height: 223 mm. It’s a harmonious dance of proportion and purpose, melding
  • seamlessly with your wanderlust vessels.
  • AGM Technological Prodigy! It’s a symphony of innovative brilliance and enduring resilience, answering every nomad’s call with unwavering zest!

At a Glance:

  • Voltage: 12V
  • Amperage: 140Ah
  • CCA: 800
  • Sap Number: 585430
  • ETN Number: 930140080

Versatile Energy Connoisseur!

Whether it’s a truck, a boat, a campervan, or a motorhome, it’s the maestro of versatility, the silent guardian of your diverse explorative aspirations!

Embark on the Unseen!

Why linger? Click ‘Add to Cart’ and weave your tales in the tapestry of the unexplored with Varta by your side!
The Varta Professional Battery—it’s more than an energy source; it’s your ticket to unseen horizons, your companion in carving paths in the sands of time.So, are you ready to let your spirit roam? Your adventure begins with a click!