Numax YB12AA Battery

YT12A-BS Numax Motorbike Battery-(Now NTS12A-BS)

YT12A-BS Numax Motorbike Battery

YT12A-BS Numax Motorbike Battery
  • Technical Specification
  • Size: YT12A-BS Capacity: 10AH / 12V Layout: Negative Right / Positive Left (Viewed Terminals Nearest User)
  • 175 EN
Length: 150 mm Width: 87 mm Height: 106 mmANY QUESTIONS 01422 410899ONE YEAR WARRANTYOf course, bikers are probably the best knowledgeable people. So, when it comes to buying a motor cycle battery. As a result, the bike riders always order the correct part number. Hence, or upgrade to a better standard of motorbike battery, without much fuss?In my opinion the worse ones I would say are buying golf batteries. Thus, we get more problems from golfers than any other battery buying sector.They seem to be oblivious to the charging requirements of their batteries. So, they are always claiming that their batteries are faulty, when they only required the correct charging for a sealed AGM battery