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Recycle Lead Acid batteries-War on Waste: tonnes of used car batteries pile up on outback cattle stations –

Recycle Lead Acid batteries

Recycle Lead Acid batteries

So, I must admit that this story did surprise me a little. Really, there is not such a thing as “scrap batteries” 95% of old lead acid batteries are in fact Recycle Lead Acid batteries. Surprisingly, the pile of old batteries in the picture to the left would fetch a few hundred Australian dollars.

of course Australia is not a country that I have ever visited. However, there must be thousands of cattle stations spread across the country. If they all have pile of old batteries then this could be a killing for some lucky guy with a bit of common sense! I only they could Recycle Lead Acid batteries.

Certainly, you would not come across such a sight here in the UK. Waste batteries would be gone within ten minutes of them being dumped. So, it is a common site to see any metal household appliance left out at the corner of the street ready to be collected. I call them the “invisible men” ? you never see them collect the old appliances ! washing machine and other metal things just disappear!

Australia is a vast country and I suppose this must have something to do with the dumping.

This certainly never happens in the UK. By the same token I must admit that I often wonder what does happen to the old lead acid batteries. So, when we sell a new one online. Perhaps the bin men take them away. Local authorities do have a special place where the old car batteries can be left. Knowing that they will be safely Recycle Lead Acid batteries is a positive thing.

Lithium-Ion batteries will be a different proposition ? but thats a different story!

Expensive transport licenses are being blamed for tonnes of used car batteries piling up on outback Queensland cattle stations.

Recycle Lead Acid batteries
Recycle Lead Acid batteries

Taking the Helm and Leading the Charge

Did you know that Recycle Lead Acid batteries top the charts when it comes to recycling? Let’s investigate what led to this unbelievable amount of success, shall we?
What exactly are batteries that contain lead acid?
The majority of our vehicles, boats, and emergency systems are powered by lead acid batteries. They are dependable, capable of being recharged, and, perhaps most importantly, Recycle Lead Acid batteries.
The Achievements Made in the Field of Lead-Acid Battery Recycling
The percentage of lead acid batteries that are recycled is quite high. Over ninety-five percent of waste is recycled in the United States, Europe, and many other regions of the world. That’s a score that can’t be beat!
What are the Reasons Behind Their High Rates of Recycling?
This is due to a number of different factors. To begin, lead has significant value. Recyclers recover it so that it can be used again. Second, recycling is encouraged by various regulations. Putting lead acid batteries in landfills? A big no-no. Last but not least, the processes of recycling these batteries are both efficient and well-established.
What kind of recycling processes are used for lead acid batteries?
It’s a multi-step process. To begin, the batteries are broken up into smaller and smaller pieces. After that, the lead and the plastic are separated. The recycling process transforms waste plastic into new products. The melting and cleansing process for the lead begins in a furnace. After that, it is repurposed as new lead plates for use in freshly manufactured batteries.
When it comes to recycling, lead acid batteries stand out as a standout. Their high recycling rate is driven, in part, by the valuable components that they contain, as well as by the efficient recycling methods that they employ. The importance of recycling is demonstrated by this success story. Batteries containing lead acid are a win for the environment that we can all get behind.

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Source: War on Waste: tonnes of used car batteries pile up on outback cattle stations – ABC Rural – ABC News

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