Our New Bright Red Disability van

Red Disability van

Red Disability van

So, this article is following on from an earlier one. As I have said, my wife is now suffering from MND. At the moment, Michelle cannot walk and has to rely on an electric wheelchair to get around the house. I must say she has a wonderful spirit; I just don’t know how she does it.

She does have tired spells, especially when we have visitors such as our grown-up children and grandchildren. However, she takes this in stride and just gets on with things.

We are very lucky to live in a bungalow, with only the need for a couple of ramps on the front steps. This has enabled me to take Michelle out to the local Italian restaurant here in Mirfield, Yorkshire, UK.

We now make this trip every Monday as a treat for both of us. Because of my new responsibilities, I am also having difficulties, mainly due to my lack of knowledge about running the house.

Red Disability van
Red Disability van

I spend most of my life running the tyre and battery business.

Although it is no excuse, I have put my lack of domestic duties into running our garage business for the past forty odd years. Other people in business will be able to relate to this.

Time just zooms by! Michelle also runs the business with me, but in the meantime, she had eight children and also looked after all the housekeeping. I am now in my seventies and have to learn all acleaning,g and washing, and drying.

We are fortunate that our grown children have all rallied around to help. It is amazing the amount of energy that young people have, something that I have long forgotten about.

Going forward, we have to have a few doors widened and a new exit onto the drive so that Michelle can get out into the garden on nice sunny days. Something she is looking forward to after this long, cold winter.

Day at the races!

Today we are having a visit from a wheelchair company to make sure that Michelle will be able to get around okay. Then we should be getting our new electric wheelchairs for indoor and outdoor use.

This, along with our “blue badge,” will enable us to go to a long-established day out at York Races. We enjoy this outing every year as a treat from a supplier.

So, although its going to be difficult, Michelle is determined to make the trip and have our usual good day at the races.

In recent weeks, Michelle has found it more and more difficult to ease her way into our car. So, she was highly delighted when we took delivery of our red Citroen Berlingo, a red disability van with a wheelchair conversion. Now she won’t have to worry about getting into the car again.

I went to visit a mobility vehicle specialist in Lancashire so that I could see the different permutations that these vvehicleshad to offer.

My main target was for the van to be able to carry four people. Michelle’s sister is also her best friend, so it was important that if we went anywhere, Deb and her husband Mark could come with us.

Our new Bright Red Disability van has wheelchair access from the rear door, with the wheelchair nestled up against an adult seat that will be occupied by Deb.

Mark and I will of course be in the front seats as passenger and driver. The wheelchair is locked down by restraint straps at the front and rear of the wheel chair. No more struggling to get Michelle into the front seat of the car!

Before I forget I was able to choose a mobility van in my favourite red colour, a little beauty!

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