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Replacing Truck Batteries- Owner Driver Truck Batteries for Pickups, Heavy Trucks, and 4 x 4’s

Replacing Truck Batteries

Replacing Truck Batteries

Of course, it is not difficult to see that the trucks of today are not the old “work horses” that were about when I was a young tyre fitter! In fact, they could be called “thoroughbred race horses” in comparison.

Whatever the British government says! Then I believe that Britain must be booming. So, I drive a small van all over the country, Replacing Truck Batteries and leisure batteries. Surprisingly, as the owner of the business, this was my own choice.

We ship 95% of our regular Replacing Truck Batteries out by courier. However, the majority of commercial truck batteries are too big and heavy to send by courier. So we send them out via our own transport. Many of our customers are owner-drivers.

Replacing Truck Batteries

British roads packed with traffic

Because of some of the distances that we travel, I prefer to start the journey at 4.30 am. especially when we have a few drops in the same area. say, South Wales or the Scottish borders. So, with the early 4.30am start, you would think that the roads would be quiet! No, traffic in the UK is now 24 hours a day, seven days a week! including tens of thousands of trucks. This is where my truck batteries enter the picture. Many of these trucks are owner-driven. So, trucks require Replacing Truck Batteries!

ODs (owner drivers) must keep their trucks in good running order.

because downtime means a loss of earnings. According to the “Truck Net” forum, drivers can earn between £4 and £5000 per week. allowing them to buy the top-of-the-line trucks. After expenses, it is estimated that you could earn between £2,000 and £4,000 per week! Although 12V batteries are not the most expensive items, they should not be overlooked!

As a result, many of these modern trucks are outfitted with the same array of amenities as some of the most expensive cars. Hotel cabs are the new buzzword. Long-distance ODs have cabs that are as comfortable as hotel rooms. Kitted out with electric blankets, kettles, fridges, air conditioning, TV sets, and much more for a good night’s rest on a long journey

This is where Replacing Truck Batteries is important ?

Replacing Truck Batteries
Replacing Truck Batteries

Truck batteries that are fitted as original equipment are usually of the right specifications and quality. Of course, to keep the truck’s electrical system in good working order. Specifically, most trucks are equipped with at least two heavy-duty batteries. High-end batteries from manufacturers such as Bosch, Varta, and Exide are typically used because of the high specifications that these Replacing Truck Batteries now require.

Although the free-flowing lead-acid wet flooded batteries are still used, the new kid on the block is now the AGM truck batteries. AGM batteries have been used for a long period of time on many other types of vehicles. So now, because of the amount of electrical energy required, the AGM-technology battery will give the best discharge.

Consequently, another aspect of the AGM battery is that it requires no maintenance. So there is no need to check the acid levels. Although checking the levels is not a huge job, due to the positions in which the batteries are installed, it can be time-consuming. Many semi-truck batteries are well hidden!

Fit the same OE batteries when Replacing Truck Batteries

So it is very important to put in the same batteries that came with the truck when it was made. So, also, make sure that the same label reference numbers are used! For example, many of the part numbers are the same, but they are prefixed with important letters! For example, Exide truck batteries have three ranges of quality, say the 637 part number.

  • They are the standard 637 for the older trucks
  • The 637 SHD for older trucks with added electrics
  • Finally, the 637 HD Professional is for trucks with the full compliment, perhaps including a hotel cab.

These different types of batteries are well marked on the label

giving easy information to the owner-driver. So, as I said before, please don’t try to save money by installing the cheapest battery when replacing truck batteries. Of course, this will result in a premature life span and perhaps electrical problems. Of course, you can always upgrade to a better alternative with some advice.

Another thing I forgot to mention is that if AGM batteries are installed, they must be replaced like for like! AGM batteries give you a deeper cycle, and this is the diesel truck battery that must be fitted. The battery and the labels are clearly marked AGM.

Moving onto 2022, the truck battery market is heading more and more the AGM and EFB way.

Thanks, Eric Roberts

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