027-S5A05-Bosch AGM-Start-Stop Battery

S5A05 Bosch AGM battery-delivered to Yorkshire beauty spot town.

S5A05 Bosch AGM battery

Bosch has a list of all the sizes and models of batteries that can be used in each car. This information can, of course, be found on the Bosch website. These batteries are made to fit practically any make and model of vehicle.

All Bosch batteries assert that no maintenance is necessary for the batteries’ lifetime. This is because the battery is shielded from overuse and corrosion by the low water consumption. These AGM require no maintenance because they are sealed. There is no need to check the battery levels.

S5a05 bosch agm battery near me
S5a05 bosch agm battery near me

Additionally, all Bosch batteries have double explosion prevention (special valves).

The purpose of this is to shield the battery from any potential sparks. All batteries are also built with sealed battery covers, which prevent acid leakage even when the battery is turned upside down or in transit. which often happens when sent out by a courier.

In addition to this, Bosch batteries are made with the best quality materials. ensuring that you will get the very best start. especially in colder climates. The S5A05 battery is among this class of high-performing batteries made specially for the start-stop car market.

S5A05 Bosch AGM battery

I love writing about the places that we send our car batteries. I occasionally get to go on emergency trips out. especially when it’s not too far from our home base here in Halifax, UK. Believe it or not, it is surprising how many calls for help we get from customers with battery problems.

The UK has recently been under the grip of record heat. Of course, heat is an enemy for lead acid batteries. So, just like cold weather, hot weather can be just as damaging for the poor old car battery. As if it weren’t enough, I’ve been stuck under a hot bonnet (hood). Then extra heat from the weather adds to the problem and can soon finish a flagging car battery off, rendering it dead and not able to start the car.

Bosch battery delivery
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Phone call from stunning Knaresborough in North Yorkshire

Knaresborough is a tourist town a couple of miles from Harrogate, the famous spa town. So, we received a call from a family in distress. The family ran a small farm and had bought tractor batteries from us in the past. They were ready to set off with a loaded car to visit family for the weekend. This was on Friday. I was told about the situation and, of course, volunteered to do an emergency delivery with the battery they required.

The battery was an S5A05 Bosch AGM battery.

Of course, the vehicle was a stop-start Renault. This particular Friday was a nightmare because of the heavy holiday period. As a result, I didn’t get to the farm until late afternoon. However, the family was relieved to see me.

They did admit to ringing one of the leading breakdown organisations, who quoted them just under £200 for a similar battery. However, they were inundated with breakdowns and could not attend until later that night, so we obliged, and our Bosch battery was only £149.90. So I’m saving £50 and getting away quicker to boot. S5a05 bosch agm battery review, S5a05 bosch agm battery replacement, S5a05 bosch agm battery price, S5a05 bosch agm battery amazon, S5a05 bosch agm battery near me.

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