Warrington Disability Partnership

Warrington Disability Partnership

Scoota-Safe Day Activities

The event emphasises the significance of routine maintenance to ensure optimal performance and safety. Users of scooters learn how to identify potential problems and schedule necessary repairs, thereby decreasing the likelihood of accidents.

Scoota-Safe Day in Warrington

aims to foster a sense of community by uniting mobility scooter users, their families, and other road users. Through these events, participants are able to share their experiences, knowledge, and advice, creating a network of support centred on safety and inclusion.

Scoota-Safe Day events in Warrington make the community safer for everyone by emphasising road safety and mobility scooter awareness. These events illustrate the effectiveness of education, cooperation, and understanding in reducing accidents and fostering an inclusive environment for mobility scooter users.


Participate in the upcoming Scoota-Safe Day event in Warrington to create a safer, more conscientious road community for everyone.

So, I have seen many close encounters

as she hurtles through the supermarket aisles doing her shopping. Another mobility scooter user thinks he is “Wild Bill Hickok.” Of course, instead of a horse, the guy uses his mobility scooter. for people who don’t know! Bill Hickok was a law enforcement agent back in the days of cowboys and Indians.

The event aimed to promote

the safety of mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs to current and future users. In fact, the scooter driver sports a white beard and a cowboy hat. So, his scooter looks like a “Harley Davidson.” Yes, they do make mobility scooters, and they look great. Some of the larger scooters are powered by 2 x 85 AH AGM Batteries. These batteries are extremely powerful and can easily handle the 8 mph Harley-Davidson scooters.

So when this guy is in town, we all know to stay clear. He looks like an accident waiting to happen. Both of these scooter users could do with some form of training, in my opinion.

Source: Warrington Disability Partnership promotes mobility safety with Scoota-Safe Day event – Access & Mobility Professional

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