Shining a Light on Disability Vehicles

Shining a Light on Disability Vehicles

Shining a Light on Disability Vehicles

Frighteningly, these articles are becoming a very personnel part of my life! Of course with the advent of my wife contracting MND. Life has now become very different to what it was.

Everything we do is now hard work. Especially Michelle of course. One of our first priorities was to find a suitable vehicle for getting about with a wheelchair on board. In the beginning we had many hospital appointments. So, needing a small converted van to get Michelle around and about.

Moving on, one the great things about being British is our eye for a business opportunity. I have witnessed this all my life. I myself took advantage of the ever growing ability of people to own their own car and opened up my very own “fast fit centre”. Of course, this is what has happened in the world of the elderly and the growing number of people living longer with disabilities.

A whole new market place has opened up to cater for disabled people

Subsequently, in recent times, a new development has come up in the world of disability transportation. Companies such as Ford, VW, Peugeot and Citroen have introduced ranges of small vans with comfort levels similar to cars.

Many include air conditioning and sat/nav devices making them ideal for conversions into vans with wheelchair access. So a huge growth market has opened Shining a Light on Disability Vehicles, up in the popularity of small van conversions for those who need special access in a wheelchair.

Previously, disabled people were having to make do with large, unwieldy vehicles. Individuals with mobility issues can now choose smaller and more adaptable vehicles that suit their individual needs.

Second-hand vans that are converted for wheelchair use now come in many shapes and individual preferences. Including one that surprised me, manual or automatic and the choice in the number pf seats.

In recent times then society has begun to recognize the difficult issues faced by those with disabilities. Incredibly, the demand for new and innovative solutions is rising.

Shining a Light on Disability Vehicles
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Access to efficient and affordable transportation options is essential for those with disabilities.

This article investigates the importance of these vehicles and the advantages they bring to wheelchair users. Number one in my book is that as well as the affordability they provide to those of more limited means. More and more people can afford to buy them.

Enter the small van conversion – A wonderful combination of portability, utility, and the opportunity for customisation. One of the main factors in the development of the small disability van conversions, is the desire for people to get out and about, despite their disabilities, home confinement is not an option.

Many people with disabilities find the bigger models of vans unwieldy and complex, giving them a feeling of confinement. The more diminutive vans provide them an easier way of travelling, allowing them to move with assurance and peace of mind. I think that this also applies to the carer, who is usually the driver as well.

An additional factor contributing to the appeal of small vans is their versatility. Conversions for wheelchairs are tailored to the individual and provide specialized features such as ramps, lifts, and seating modifications that make it more accessible.

It is a fact that larger vans are more expensive, smaller van conversions provide a more cost-friendly option. This makes them a great choice for those on a tighter budget, which let’s face it is most of us these days. Especially when we have to pay for all the other special equipment in our homes, such as ramps and toilets etc.

Shining a Light on Disability Vehicles
Shining a Light on Disability Vehicles

 The upfront cost of smaller vans,-Shining a Light on Disability Vehicles-

Of course, combined with their better fuel economy, is attractive for anyone looking for an affordable way to get around. Importantly, the second-hand market for disability vehicles is a great resource for families. Who may have less money?

Purchasing one of these small van conversions, Shining a Light on Disability Vehicles as I did will give access to quality, dependable, and economical vehicles that should perfectly fit their needs. By buying a pre-owned small van, they can benefit from the same convenience and flexibility of having a brand new vehicle, without spending too much.

Finally, if you are unfortunate enough to need one of these special vehicles, then good luck, the choice is yours. It is a good market place with low mileage vehicle to suit most peoples pocket.

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