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Solar Energy Battery Systems: Batteries-Some More Things You Need To Know ?

Solar Energy Battery Systems
Solar Energy Battery Systems

Solar Energy Battery Systems

Solar Energy Battery Systems

Storage systems are becoming an important part of everyday life. Of course, as we head for a cleaner and greener planet. Although in my opinion, then as a country we still rely on dirty fuels to power our power stations.

Specifically, the use of gases derived from fossil fuels and nuclear energy power. So, by any stretch of the imagination, then these power sources are not very environmentally friendly.

Fortunately, a new generation of electric power supplies has come into the equation. Of course, solar power from domestic and industrial solar panels. Particularly, on rooftops all across our planet. Now this has been upgraded with people creating battery solar storage systems. I believe that the early pioneers of these Solar Energy Battery Systems were people living off grid.

Wilderness living has become very popular in recent times. Especially in the USA and other large countries, such as Canada and Australia. Indeed many of the home made battery storage videos were created for such scenarios.

Different battery types used for Solar Energy Battery Systems

So, I think that the first batteries used for domestic solar storage were large car batteries and truck batteries. Large lead acid batteries for such a purpose are seeing something of a Renaissance. In my opinion though it is the deep cycle AGM and semi-traction batteries that are best for Solar Energy Battery Systems. So, this type of battery is used connected up into banks of four batteries or more. Specifically, designed for the amount of power that would be required for that particular size of household.

Accordingly my own solar storage system has a four battery bank. In fact it has four 100 Ah Agm batteries made by Trojan batteries. The system has now been fitted for two years and works perfectly well. Even in the UK then the Summer sun gives us plenty of power to charge up the batteries and still sell some electricity back to the grid.

Of course winter is a different thing !

Because of the short dark days then the Suns rays are at their minimum. Fortunately, we are on a system here in the UK, known as “economy seven”. This system encouraged people to set their electric appliances to run at night time. Of course, the tariff at night was for much cheaper electricity and it shared the day and night supply of electricity out.

In Winter time with new technology we can set the “economy seven” to charge the batteries the same as the sun does in Summer. In effect, lowering our electricity charger in a normally expensive time of year. Especially when my wife puts up millions of Christmas lights !

In my opinion these Battery Systems, will stabilize the future of lead acid batteries.

Including of course the AGM batteries and the semi-traction deep cycle batteries. Both of which are still favourites for doing this type of job. Companies that are world leaders in this field are of course, Trojan batteries, U.S. batteries, Optima and Odyssey batteries also make a similar AGM product.

As expected, this is a good blog to read for information about batteries and solar energy systems. Therefore, it should help all those people who are thinking of setting up their own  Energy Battery Systems. Consequently, whether it is driven by solar panels or wind turbine power. Hence, also some different battery information.


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