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Solar farming India: India’s Renewable Energy Boom

Winter Solar problems Solar farming India

Winter Solar problems
Winter Solar problems

Winter Solar problems

Fossil fuels (gas, coal, and oil) have long dominated India’s energy portfolio, just like they do in every other nation on Earth. All of these fuels have become available to us all. But in recent years, things have changed. The demand for more and more oil and gas increased as economies and populations grew. So, many countries, such as India, were starting their own industrial revolution.

Of course, supply continues to struggle to keep pace with demand. Because of productivity problems, logistics, a lack of accessible reserves, and environmental concerns. So, the rising price of oil and gas was forcing countries to look for a better solution. Almost half of India’s energy consumption is subsidised. Including power, transportation, and process heat requirements.

Solar farming India: Winter Solar problems

Like the rest of the world, solar power through wind turbines and Solar panel farms is becoming increasingly economically viable. Bringing this forward to today, solar power in India is fast becoming a mainstay in the generation segment. Government and state-level incentives to help would be investors in solar power.

including tax holidays, capital subsidies, and attractive feed-in tariffs, which have all helped to drive growth in the Indian solar sector. In such a scenario, it comes as no surprise . Consequently, the government is looking for cheaper, more sustainable alternatives than fossil fuels. Turning to solar power generation in a major way. Hence, like the rest of the world’s countries.

The government has set aggressive growth targets for green renewable energy (particularly solar). Even as many cynics consider these targets unattainable and highly ambitious in India. Solar energy in India could potentially redefine the future landscape. Including huge solar farms dominating the sunny landscape.

Solar farming is on the increase in India: Winter Solar problems

In fact renewable energy sources such as solar are expected to achieve grid parity much sooner than expected. Especially, compared with high-cost fuels such as imported coal gas and oil. India is a large importer of coal.

Coal prices as well as oil have increased over the years making solar energy much more viable.

Solar energy along with solar battery storage systems will make India much more self sufficient and strengthen the economy due to less imports of fossil fuels. A new world looks to be dawning?
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With all of the noise around Trump and the US exit from the Paris Agreement, it’s easy to forget that other countries are taking their climate goals seriously. India has seen a huge solar boom, win…

Source: Truth to Power? India’s Renewable Energy Boom – Energy Transition

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