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Solar Panels Power Indian Trains- Indian Railways launches first train with solar-powered coaches

Solar Panels Power Indian Trains

Solar Panels Power Indian Trains

When I see articles like this. Then it makes me see how far behind we are getting when it comes to transportation. especially rail transport. Here in the UK, we are still arguing about whether to use electric trains or indeed carry on with the high emission diesel trains. Of course, as this article shows, some of India’s  trains are fitted with solar panels.

As we all know, one very important advantage of using solar panels is that they do not emit any green house gas emissions. Solar panels are, therefore, environmentally friendly. Compared to the burning of fossil fuels to generate energy, as in the UK, diesel-engined trains Of course, being environmentally friendly is important. When it comes to other forms of transport, including cars, the government is constantly coming up with ways to control emissions to combat global warming. Naturally, the sun is the best solution. So, the use of solar panels is a great way to start.

Solar Panels Power Indian Trains covert the sun into energy

Other forms of transportation use solar panels on a regular basis. Generally, I am thinking of motorhomes that use panels to supply a solar battery bank for storing energy. Thus produced during the day and released at night. Also, panels are used in millions of households across the planet. For this reason, a solar panel is a device that is used to absorb energy from the sun. Generating heat or, in many cases, electricity for home use and also energy storage

Solar panels are therefore referred to as photovoltaic cells. The panels can be made in giant banks or small units that are used on boats and marine craft. Because panels are made of many small cells, Which are used to convert the light from the sun into electricity. Consequently, the only raw material that is required. Hence, for these solar panels, the sun As a result, the greater the energy from the s,n. So the more the electricity that can be  generated. It not only works as long as there are sun rays. But will also generate electricity on a cloudy day.

Solar Panels Power Indian Trains on carriage roofs here in the UK too

As I am writing this post here an a cloudy day in the UK. Then electricity is being produced and my meter light is flashing. Thus, showing that we have an electrical input. Some of the sunnier parts of the world will naturally benefit more from having solar panels. Such as India where this train has been decked out with panels on the carriage roofs. A great idea and one worth copying.

We all know now that the use of solar panels. Ensures ongoing free energy for those who use it. Of course there is the initial set up cost, but due to the amount of electricity produced, then it is well worth it. In my opinion the power suppliers did not like the idea of fragmented supply market. Especially the advent of the small household suppliers. Like anything else, the industry have slowly got used to the idea.

Solar Panels Power Indian Trains-UK to introduce battery storage for households?

The UK government have just announced householders will be able to use solar battery banks to collect the excess energy that they have collected. I for one have just ordered a new storage from “Powervault” and it will be installed shortly. So watch this space?

 Train travel in India just got a little greener. Last week Indian Railways rolled out their first train outfitted with rooftop solar panels in the Delhi area, which is notorious for its pollution.…litres of diesel, railways indian, generated from solar panels, railways the key challenge.

Source: Indian Railways launches first train with solar-powered coaches

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