Speedy Window Cleaning Battery

Speedy Window Cleaning Battery

Speedy Window Cleaning Battery
Speedy Window Cleaning Battery

Speedy Window Cleaning Battery

For some reason our old window cleaning guy had to retire. Living in a bungalow, meant that my dear wife could clean the windows herself. That was up to her recent illness of course.

Sadly my wife is now confined to a wheelchair now and so a new window cleaner had to be found. Like looking for any tradesmen this would prove to be difficult.

 Anyhow as luck would have it, we were presented with a “flyer” through the door. This believe it or not was from a window cleaner looking to build up a round in our area.

Of course we snatched his hands off at the offer and took him on-board as our new window cleaner. The guy had recently took a gamble and moved to Yorkshire with his family from a part of London.

A relation of his lived in our area and they loved the place after a visit a couple of years ago to a family wedding. Jeff is his name. He had a window cleaning business in London which he quickly sold. Hence giving him capitol to buy a new van and equipment to set up his new round in Yorkshire.

The same happened to his house. He quickly sold the house in London and bought another house in Yorkshire. His family settled down very quickly and are loving life away from the hustle and bustle of London life.

New method of window cleaning

Speedy Window Cleaning Battery
Speedy Window Cleaning Battery

Jeff turned up for his first cleaning job and explained to me about the new method now used to clean the windows. He explained that there were no ladders and he used a pole connected to hose pipe connected to a water pump, operated by a large AGM battery. Which should be the best battery for reach and wash.

Water fed pole window cleaning is a modern and eco-friendly approach that allows windows to be cleaned up to five floors high without the worker ever leaving the ground. This efficient and economical solution is popular for different types of retail and commercial buildings.

This process utilizes a telescoping pole outfitted with water jets and a bristle brush. The pole is used to dispense pure water onto the glass, with the bristles aiding in agitating the debris. Once the dirt has been eliminated, the brush is kept at a moderate distance away from the window.

 Finally, the window is spritzed with water and left to air-dry.

Hence, leading to a spotless end result. To avoid the safety tips and regulations given by the HSE, most notably the Work at Height Directive. Which encourages alternatives to ladders in circumstances where they would not be suitable.

 Window cleaning with a water-fed pole is employed.

 Due to the fact that water-fed poles and water fed pole trolley battery are run at ground level, ladders can be eliminated during the process. Furthermore, purified water, or de-ionised water, is capable of removing dirt and grime.

While drying to leave glass surfaces spotlessly clean with no streaky smudges. Utilizing this method carries no additional chemicals and it is the most environmentally friendly way to scrub windows.

Because we live in a bungalow, Jeff just used a short pole and whizzed round all the windows in no time. Jeff put an end to our continuous lookout for window cleaners near me, adds in the local free post.

Having reliable power for your window cleaning needs is essential

I have sold and been requested for batteries to mobile window cleaners in the past. However these were the XV31MF leisure batteries used in motorhomes.

Jeff showed me his Speedy Window Cleaning Battery which he says are the perfect choice. Built to provide outstanding power supply, these 104AH batteries make sure your tools will run smoothly and efficiently.

Not only will this help you finish the job quickly and efficiently, but they are also incredibly dependable. These Lucas VRLA batteries boast a capacity of 104AH, offering long-lasting power that can be depended on throughout the day.

Moreover, their Speedy Window Cleaning Battery maintenance-free design means that there is no need to worry about regular upkeep, allowing you to dedicate your time to other tasks. Furthermore, these batteries are extremely durable and trustworthy.

These Lucas VRLA batteries are ideal for any window cleaner who is often on the go

thanks to their design for extreme conditions and temperatures. Aside from this, the VRLA technology employed makes them highly resilient, as it helps to reduce heat and friction, prolonging their operating life and requiring less maintenance.

As a result, the Speedy Window Cleaning Battery,104AH Lucas VRLA batteries are renowned in portable window cleaning vans. These Lucas VRLA batteries offer excellent power and endurance with little to no maintenance needed. Upgrade your window cleaning gear and enjoy the reliability and power of these batteries!

Here are six of their main features:

 1 The 104AH Lucas VRLA batteries furnish constant and dependable energy, come with a long lifespan, are easy to install and use, are leak-proof and low-maintenance, offer maximum efficiency, and provide unharmed, stable power.

2 Your window cleaning equipment will run smoothly and efficiently thanks to these long-lasting and maintenance-free batteries with a capacity of 104AH.

3 Their VRLA technology reduces heat, making them easy to use, so that you can focus on the job at hand rather than worry about battery upkeep.

4 These 104AH Lucas VRLA batteries are especially helpful to window cleaners on the run, due to their frictional properties which enhance operation and minimize maintenance requirements.

5 These robust and reliable Speedy Window Cleaning Battery are designed to work in threatening grime and extreme temperatures.

6 With these batteries, window cleaners can be certain to acquire a dependable and extended lasting source of power that guarantees performance and acceleration.

In my opinion it would be better in the long run to use this type of Speedy Window Cleaning Battery deep cycle , rather than a standard wet lead acid leisure battery. VRLA batteries and be charged using any type of smart charger, the same as used with regular lead acid batteries.

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