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Starter Batteries in Quirky Corners

Starter Batteries in Quirky Corners

Starter Batteries in Quirky Corners

Ah, the automotive world! Roaring motors, sleek designs, and… Now, the starter battery—where did they put it? Dig in as we jokingly reveal some of the oddest hiding spots used by automakers to store that vital power source. Snug up!

I am old enough to remember the days when almost every car model had its starter battery neatly tucked away under the bonnet (Hood). Just lift the bonnet, and there is the battery, large as life and ready to be tested.

However, things have changed dramatically!

Most of my mechanics know where to find starter batteries in Quirky corners just through time and experience. This, however, excludes me from the equation. On several occasions, I have worked in my garage, helping out at the reception. Answering the phones and seeing to the customers.

I also get asked to check the condition of a few customer car batteries.

Now, when I lift the bonnet, all I see is a mass of pipes and wires. The car battery will likely be hidden away. Even the Starter Batteries in Quirky Corners, which are fitted under the bonnet, are hidden away under a mass of wires.

I find this a little frustrating and feel like an amateur when I have to ask a member of my staff where to find the car’s battery.

Considering these facts,

I have put together a list pointing out where you may find your car’s battery. Many Starter Batteries in Quirky Corners, are still under the bonnet but covered by a plethora of wires (hidden away).

Here we go! Batteries you may not find.

1. Under the Back Seat, first As unbelievable as it may seem, some automakers opt to conceal the batteries behind the back seat. For travellers, comfort? Yes. Is it practical for mechanics? Not really.

2. Behind the Front Wheel: Another intriguing place is tucked away under the front wheel arch. It might require a game of automotive Twister to get at it, with hilarious bending and contorting just to get a look.

3. Deep in the Trunk: While it’s usual to have batteries in the trunk, some vehicles go above and beyond by burrowing them deep inside spare tyre compartments and layers of trunk lining. An exciting treasure hunt in the truest sense.

4. Fourth Passenger Foot well: How about putting your feet up on a battery for a starter? Some vehicles’ batteries are concealed beneath the foot well, making a straightforward battery swap a laborious disassembly task.

5. Inside the centre console: Literally the engine of the vehicle! Several upscale manufacturers choose to include the battery inside the centre console. Talk about having the centre of power.

6. Beneath the Windscreen: A few models have hidden their starter batteries in the narrow area below the windscreen and above the firewall. It’s remote but weirdly easy to get to.

During our wacky excursion-Starter Batteries in Quirky Corners

It’s clear that automakers have a penchant for the inventive, and occasionally the downright odd, when it comes to battery installation.

These decisions provide a surprising element, even though they may confound the average automobile aficionado. Next time you turn the key, give that concealed power source and its hidden home a thought (or a chuckle). Get moving!

Certainly! Let’s explore further the unusual battery positions used by several automakers:

  1. Under the Back Seat,
    • Chevrolet: Older Malibu and Impala models come to mind.
    • BMW: This style has been employed on a few of their cars, particularly earlier 3 Series.

2. In front of the front wheel:

Chrysler: The left front wheel must be removed in order to access the battery in their PT Cruiser.

3. Inside the car-boot  (trunk)

Mercedes-Benz: A number of its cars, particularly those in the E and S class line-ups, favour the trunk. Car-boot (trunk)

BMW: Some of their sedans and coupes also include it as a popular option.

Audi: The A4 and A6 are two models that can store batteries in the car-boot (trunk)

4. Foot well for the front passenger side, perhaps under the seat as well.

Lotus: It’s noteworthy to note that the battery in their Elise and Exige models is located under the passenger’s feet.

5. Found inside the centre console:

This is less typical and is more frequently encountered in premium or specialist automobiles. Specific names are less common for this kind of location, though.

6. Underneath the Windshield (deep at the rear of the engine and well tucked away making difficult access)

Volkswagen: The Touareg is one of their vehicles that places the battery close to the firewall underneath the windscreen, making it a little difficult to access.

As I have said, keep in mind that depending on the model year, geographical variations, or particular vehicle trims, these Starter Batteries in Quirky Corners, locations may change. If in doubt regarding the location of the battery, always seek advice from the owner’s manual or a reliable professional.

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