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Stolen Wheelchairs

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Stolen Wheelchairs

This article about a guy who has had his wheelchair stolen is becoming a larger problem. So thieves are always looking out for the next scam?

Wheelchairs and mobility scooters have become a prime target. Of course, the scooters and wheelchairs are not registered like other vehicles. Consequently, they have become an easy target for thieves. Only one other in my hometown of Mirfield, Yorkshire, England. There were two mobility scooters parked at the side of the local café.

I presume that they are inside the café? However, it would have been so easy to back a van up to them and steal them. Of course, once the serial number plate is removed, they have an easy time finding a market. Disabled people, like the rest of us, are always looking for a bargain.

Stolen Wheelchairs-Like myself they would not suspect them as being stolen.

Because of their size, they can easily be lifted by a couple of strong men and hauled into the back of a waiting van. So, I am not sure what the answer is. Car manufacturers are going into extremely intricate alarm manufacturing to try to protect their products from car thieves. Insurance is probably the best answer, but it’s probably expensive. Hard-up pensioners and disabled people are usually on benefits and cannot afford insurance.

The only defence without frightening people too much would be to not let your vehicle out of your sight ?

Stolen Wheelchairs
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Insurance a great idea!

Powered Wheelchair insurance is made to fit the requirements of customers wishing to protect themselves from third-party liability claims and insure their scooter against loss or becoming Stolen Wheelchairs.

Of course, policies are made to safeguard those who use powered wheelchairs and have no age restriction. covering necessities like theft, third-party liability, and accidental damage in addition to unexpected perks like personal injury insurance.

To provide you more confidence while out and about, our Extra level insurance even feature 24/7 breakdown recovery and the choice to add puncture care at an additional cost. Punctures can be a bad problem. Especially, if the weather is against the wheelchair user.

Wheelchairs are necessary for individuals with mobility issues to navigate daily life. Not only are they expensive, but they are also deeply personal and significant to their owners. Unfortunately, theft of wheelchairs is a widespread problem with severe repercussions for the owners.

Theft of a wheelchair is more than just the loss of an expensive item;

it is an assault on the victim’s autonomy, dignity, and quality of life. Owners of stolen wheelchairs are rendered defenceless and helpless, as they are unable to move independently.

In addition, wheelchairs are frequently customised to the owner’s specific needs, making it difficult to replace them quickly. This leaves the owner stranded and unable to complete essential tasks such as doctor’s appointments or grocery shopping.

It is essential for carers and loved ones of wheelchair users to take precautions to ensure the safety of their loved one. This may involve locking the wheelchair when it is unattended, registering it with local law enforcement, and purchasing GPS tracking devices.

Stolen Wheelchairs
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In addition to preventative measures,

it is necessary to have a plan in place in the event that the wheelchair is stolen. This may include contacting the police and insurance companies, as well as community resources and organisations that may be able to assist in recovering the stolen wheelchair.

Theft of a wheelchair has a significant impact on the owner’s life, and it is crucial to take measures to prevent theft and have a plan in place in case it occurs. By collaborating, we can ensure that wheelchair users can live with the independence and dignity they deserve.

A Donovan-area man is looking for help in finding his electric wheelchair that was stolen Wednesday.

Source: Sudbury man wants stolen electric wheelchair back | Sudbury Star

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