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Swollen Car battery-Why is my cars battery swollen ?

Swollen Car battery

Swollen Car battery

Swollen Car battery

So recently, we have had a couple of problems with our customers experiencing swollen batteries. Of course, this is not very common, and the battery has bulging sides. The first thing to remember is that this is a thing that we rarely see. Most of the car batteries that go out to our online customers work perfectly fine. Naturally, we never usually hear from them again.

Some lead-acid batteries, including AGM and Gel batteries, have a natural swelling.

So, due to the way that they are built, they enable the absorption of gases that are produced during the chemical procedure inside the battery.

The Irrefutable Proof That Overcharging Is Bad For Your Batteries

and Why You Should Avoid It
Hello there, you wonderful people! Today, we’re going to talk about something that could happen to any one of us—overcharging batteries—in an honest and straightforward manner.

It’s true that we could all use more power for our electronic devices, but overcharging your batteries is dangerous and could be compared to playing with fire. Literally.

It’s not always true that more is better.

We’ve all been there: we plug in our scooter, golf cart, or even our car battery, and then completely forget about it until it’s too late. Let’s face it: we’ve all done it.

I mean, surely having a larger charge is going to be an advantage. Wrong! If you overcharge your battery, it could swell up like a balloon, and let me tell you, that’s not a party you want to go to.

An Excellent Threat-Swollen Car battery

What exactly is the problem if your battery begins to look a little rounder than usual? When a battery swells, it indicates that the internal components are under stress, similar to a tea kettle that is about to blow.

Imagine leaks, or even worse, explosions, if all of that pent-up energy were to be released in the same way that it did in that kettle; you won’t like the results. Yes, it’s every bit as terrible as it seems to be.

Why Do Batteries Go Boom When They Explode?

Let’s dissect this issue a little bit. When they reach a certain temperature, the chemicals inside batteries begin to release gas. When a battery is allowed to become overcharged, it transforms into a miniature pressure cooker. Boom!

That’s what happens when it can no longer withstand the pressure. The explosion of a battery is not a trivial occurrence; it has the potential to cause serious bodily harm and property damage.

A Touch of the Regional Flavour

Keep in mind that we are referring to some very serious machinery here, folks. Whether you’re storing solar energy to make your home in Yorkshire more environmentally friendly or driving a golf cart to the pub down the street, you want to make sure that you do so safely.

The practise of overcharging customers is not unique to “the other side of the pond;” rather, it is also a possibility in this country.

Always Put Your Safety First-Swollen Car battery

The majority of today’s batteries, thank goodness, already have built-in safety features that prevent them from being overcharged. However, you should never presume that you are safe.

Always make sure you use the correct chargers and read the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Being mindful could save you a lot of trouble and keep you and your neighbours safe at the same time.

Concluding Remarks

Therefore, the lesson to be learned from this experience is to not test one’s luck or the capacity of one’s batteries.

If you ensure that you are charging them correctly, you will have a source of power that will last for a long time and is safe to use for all of your requirements. Have a query or looking for some guidance? Visit our website, and we’ll take care of the rest for you.

Be careful, and make sure your batteries are in working order, everyone! Cheers!

These types of batteries are tightly packed, and when the cell plates increase in any way, the battery case takes on the added pressure. Of course, this is described as “recombinant”. So in this type of battery, slight swelling can be a common feature with little consequence.

However, overcharging the battery could be another matter. Overcharging can be dangerous and make the battery casing swell way out of proportion. Of course, overcharging should be avoided.

Why do car batteries swell and bulge?

In my opinion, the car battery is bulging for a couple of reasons! First, your car’s battery can freeze in very cold weather. especially when the battery is old and perhaps nearing the end of its life.

So, with constant topping up of the battery with distilled water, you will get weaker acid strength. Resulting in the car battery becoming less able to cope with any very cold weather that may come our way.

In my experience,

this has only happened a couple of times in really harsh winters. In conclusion, watered-down electrolyte freezes in very cold weather, and the ice expands! resulting in a bulging, frozen battery. Just like a plastic bottle of soft drinks does when put into the freezer for an extended period of time.

However, the most likely cause of a swollen car battery is overcharging! Overcharging heats up the battery cells.

Of course, because they are made of lead alloys, they quickly expand. Of course, as we know, lead has a high expansion rate. The result of this is an extreme buildup of pressure inside the battery, and then the casing takes all the strain and eventually swells and bulges.

lastly, if this happens and your Swollen Car battery, bulges, then the outcome will be a new battery. We recommend that you replace your old battery with an ApolloPower car battery.

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